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Michaelについて書いていた記事で触れました。 そして昨年末の12月にも宇宙人のことは書きましたが、










CIA oficially acknowleged of Area 51 in August15th, 2013, indirectly admit the ETs existence already that live among us.

I have to announce that CIA finally revealed the existence of Area 51 on 8/15/2013, and I took this acknowledgement as a indirect revelation about the ETs as well, that live among us is possible.
This is what I have written about from time to time, and it meant  ETs are not the fantasy but the truth, since they gave the world this statement. In fact, I have visited Area 51 twice so far, it's very huge spot, slightly different than they showed its map, I could have driven all around it then, taking about 8 hours. There is a high big board with the picture in half way, so I wrote my full name on it as a memory.^^. I'm sure it's still on it showing 'Marie Ishihara'.^^ 

Whether or not for this reason, people can't enter to Area 51, unable to drive thorugh anymore, so I was lucky.  Just for a memo, they keep many cows inside the site.

I have witnessed UFO and spaceman, also warp the time, experienced teleportation as well, in such as France, U.S, and Japan.
  This one time in 1987,  I called up the UFO at home and they came,indeed. So with all of these tangible experiences myself, it's impossible for them to deny this truth & Area51.

Also, I have written about hearing the angel voices in Florida in 1995 and met them in my dreams, I know this galactic help is out there in this universe watching us to protect. This is not something you feel fear of , not at all.

 I will write the diary about this in Japanese, too. Teaching people there are good spaceman and bad spaceman that live among us, though I have to write this in detail someday. 

I also wrote about Disney Company and Walt Disney World on the same day including Micheal Jackson, for to me, thease are all related. This article is on 11/2/2012.

My predictions that I have made so far so many times, good and bad,  have really happened after everytime I say or write, and I got a feeling something about Area 51 would be coming an issue and it did today. 

~~ Alhough, I have to wait more on humans growth to reveal much more deeper truth to come surface of kind of susceptible secret in this world. You see, I am very patient. ^:^

Remember, goodness is still here..




でも沢山食べ過ぎると 「ウッ」ってなっちゃう。 

だから ふわっ~と食べて気をつけよう~~っと。  

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