石原真理絵  marieIshIhara真理子 "ふわっとした瞬間”
ヘイリーボールドウィンは泥棒殺人者、殺動物者。本当のパートナーReal lover of PSYCHO Hailey Baldwin. You KILLED OUR kitty Sushi. Hail Bald is beyond psycho MURDERER.Anoter Rosemarys baby, I PREVENTED it to happen.
Ok yall, this is the pic of his real lover, his AGENT. 
Didnt know snake is BI, his lover is manly man who is his manager.

Sorry, I cant resize it at this moment, 


Psycho, one shot,
They cant manipulate ME while they have to others.
You can never underestimate MY OWN VISION I get in daily life from the UNIVERSE. Constantly. 

These two have DECIEVED my husband Justin for this whole time.
hail Bald is PSYCHO.

This is the reason my Justin is on celibacy and never wanna touch this schizophrenia.
And ok, this PSYCHO Hal Balmloose Snake Baldwin got beyond nasty this time. I mentioned last year tgat this snake is an ABUSER. Both animal and HUMAN. 

Well, Justin and MY cat SUSHI is missing.

I wrote before why Justin started to keep cat and names Sushi. Thats about US.  
Snake Bald KNEW it.

Now Sushi is misping ? In this timing? AFTER Jtstin and I got BACK? After I wiote Jale Jail are OVER?
Sushi is NOT missing.
HAL BALDLOOSE killed it. 

What did you to OUR Sushi, bitch snake. 
IM REPORTING THE UNIVERE since police may not be enough,although universe already KNOWS,im keeping this as snakes one of REAL crimimal records.  

Justin made another record congratulations ☀ Sorry but thats my pomer☺✨
He couldnt make it WITHOUT ME by his SIDE. Justin knows so he sang it YESTERDAY ❗❗ JUST FOR ME❗❗❗ 
And with this album about ME, it beat Elvis record or something, thats really representing ME ☺☀✨✨ ME ❗ 🌹 

OUR TRUE LOVE is the ONE and ONLY  like NO OTHER. 
He ll soon get DIVORCE from psycho snake schizophrenia Hail Bald.

Snakes evil PLOT never works, NEVER.




寿司が行方不明??? この男ヘイリは猫の寿司とは私を示しているのを知っている。今回また私達が戻ったことを知り悔しくて仕方がない。今回ジャスは本当に本気だ。必ずや私との未来を作るためにアルバムも作ったので。







突然に? 今まで守られて家にしかいなかった寿司猫が突然にいなくなる? そして突然に帰ってくるとでも?







全てを失うこと間違いなし。Hailヘイリ、is loosing it ALL.

ヘイリー ボールドウィンは は. ん. ざ. い.しゃ、はんざいしゃ犯罪者。

★★This psycho snake Hal Baldloose is LOOSING EVERYTHING. Everything he has tried to MIMIC and COPY ME .
Snake Hail is just a nasty filthy cheap copycat! ★★
His (Hail)way of pretending Hail is ever a victim in his(Hail)scenario is BUSTED. 💢💢💢

I BUSTED this hidden murderer, its the real C R I M I N A L. Justin is safe now since Justin CAME BACK to me with whole DETERMINATION this time.

This is why snake Hail wanted to kill our Sushi cat.

I encourage Justin Bieber to put Hailey Baldwin a RESTRAINING order againt. The THIEF fake wanna be a model Hail Baldloose.
Samething I mentioned before about S Gomz.,this is so dangerous ,plotting another Rosemary's baby which wont happen, I PRELENTED IT. Justin has woken UP deeply. ★★Hailey Baldwin is beyond serious schizophrenia, ★★dont blame Justin for DIVORCING from this NARCISSIST MENTAL DISORDER SCHIZOPHRENIA PATIENT which will come faster than yall think. 

I BET HIS FATHER STEPHAN KNOWS how psycho Hal actually is.
★★So dont try to sale it to anybody no more pls, MAKE THIS WORLD BETTER yeah? Arent you trrying te be a  priest or something ? In p rotestant. No more victims, no more pimp, alright. ★★ (You raised your brat so WRONG, Steve.)

Thats been said, THIS behavior shouldnt take lightly, animal abuse, human abuse, true lole abuse, exciting about observing TUNA to be in suffer on IG looking at Tuna crying for missing Sushi★★ I didnt check,, someone sent it to me. ★★Steve, lock her down in a confinement pls.I can see and hear Hals excitement from ABUSE, pretending he cares for Tuna, in reality Hailey Baldwin killed Justinand me cat Sushi. Snake has copied me so many times to let Justin see ME in snake !! Dellusionally used black magic on him to NUMB his feelings.Snake Hail wants Justin to stay on medication! So he wont come to me, its so evil but LOOK snakes plot DIDNT WORK. Nothing is working for Hail, he is in trouble finding out OUR bond is UNBREAKABLE. There is no other challange Hail can ever use with, it shouldnt ever be tried in the first place,. ★★Who would think snake is, only got a nerve thinking Hail can tearipart  theTRUE LOVE apart. It worked last time cause it wasnt true with Gomz. Not this time with ME. Im talking about SOUL lOVE, If snake is not psycho, none of those Hail try. It ended, it ll be shown soon. 

I repeat, Hail has abused animals all the time near him, cant hide his snake NATURE. ★★Again, this ibehavior as animal abuser,human abuser, Hail is beyond brain damaged, shouldnt let Hal live in a society for awhile. This creature has abnomal brain function, need mental hospital, no kidding. Im not kidding yall. ★★

★★Get the evidence, Im a million % POSITIVE, Hail Baldwin did it. 

💢💢 Sushi has been KILLED already by Hailey Baldwin !💢💢

Im sure meantime Hail Snake has acted like its victim in front of Justin and everyone, GUESS WHAT Ive TOLD Justin that its HAILEY who caused it, plotted it, hid Sushi cat, and possibly KILLED OUR Sushi. Psycho never cares. i told Jusjus.

UNLIKELY Snake Hail whos only recording Tuua in suffering.

★★ I wanna hit snakes head with a HUGE Chinese PAN and throw it from Mt,Fuji. 
---- Nobody survives stranded from Mt. fuji, thats MY MOUNTAIN.★★(Just a note)

So I REVEALED snakes attempt of catkilling, another different crime, again,Sushi may suddenly comes back out of nowhere if only the case of SNAKE hasnt killed Sushi yet, that is. 

Sushi suddenly is gone missing AND suddenly comes back? Thats IMPPOSIBLE YALL, THATS IMPPOSIBLE.
★★ My husband Justin stays away so hard from this snake zombie right now. This, wanna make look like a threat plotting never can works on Justin and I. Jusjus ll RUN from this PSYCHO for LIFE,

☀☀No more Jalena, no more Jailey. P E R I O D.☀📣
Our determination is SOLID. It only CAUGHT hail as serious MURDERER.★★


----- Those pics are set till March 7th. 3月7日以降に例の文章と写真達が戻ります。Previous set ll be back on later. 







201706140901388d3-1.jpg 201511140304_20200224162102179.png 


Our history of the day 💖No4 "Never Would Have Made It" without me, 君無しでは決してやり遂げられなかったとジャスは申しておる。
"Never would have made it "without me. ☀

So, you are saying no more lies and deception, Im GLAD. 

This time, you can be more specific like say my name and all,you kno.

You are ready to announce your exit from current situation after Wednesday☺ Is that what you said cause episodes on YT ll be over, two more left to go, right, ok.

🎵"I would have lost it all , now I see how you were there for me, and I can say Im stronger, Im wiser , Im better"

Thats right Jusjus, you would have been dead without me, thanks for saying that, thank you☺

And then ?  

And then, 🎵 "WhenI look back, over all you brought me through I can see that Marie were the ONE  I held on to"

Woo hoo ~ sure thing  you got that right 😍💕 

Jusjus, declare your departure to be with your one and only true love AKA me, alright 💖
ASAP,  before its too late.

You siad you wont waste no more time❗ 💑🌹 Yayyyy, I love it ☀


" 君なしではやり遂げられなかったよ。
そして今なら言えるよ 僕は強くなった 賢くなった 僕は成長したよね "

本当だねと😄。 伝えてくれてありがとー、



で、あとは、 " 振り返ってみると君が全てを僕に与えてくれてたんだね。今はっきり見えるよ、





何故ならば 、もう時間は無駄にしない!! とまでジャスは言っておるでさ。

Oh, Im able to post little pic for now.




201611270709464e8-1.jpg ポカリ 横見る 




201706140901388d3-1.jpg 201511140304_20200224162102179.png 

He ll end Jalena Jailey all the lower vibrational drama to go higher.Show his true purpose 次のステップ本当の目的のために、でないともう次は無し。。
He ll soon end all the immature drama of Jailey, Jalena.
To go higher living in real PURPOSE that lays only with me. 
I TOOK HIM to the highei place, Hope he wont fall after I SAVED HIm.
Cant be stuck in such a lower vibiational state, this is his will to leave all his PAST that no longer serve him .
This time he really should make it right and Justin HAS TO DECLARE in a public that THIS IS ME who LED him to this stage in the last two years and eight wonths. He ll do it also by leaving from being a puppet of Jale Jail brats fighting evil hatred drama. 
He already left form Jale, next leave from Jail.

He finally ll put iit to the REST, only he wants is make a music of ME and US.
Sorry for this brutal TRUTH.

☀ Be prepare Justin ll admit this TRUTH in PUBLIC, cause I asked him to show it for the world to see yesterday. 
Then he showed his gratitude for me at the church just this morning , sang "Couldnt have made it without you". ☀ To Justin and me, singing at church doesnt always mean sings to God sorry, its a very Justin and me thing,and nothing is wrong with that.
Like I lve written before, he sings christian song to express his love FOR ME. He has done it before too. 

🌹🌹Starts towards the end of this week, his true change ll be seen, then he wont have to get another spiritual punch by me ☺💕☀😄nor severe striking moment from the universe.🌹🌹

Next, I write about the song he dedicated to me💖

★★★ 私がジャスを救済して連れてきた高い場所で誤魔化しを続けてはならず。この子供の喧嘩の中で操り人形でいてはならないし今後はこの低波長を越えて本当の目的に生きるために二度と下へ戻らないためにも、もうすぐジェイリにさえもいないということを証明していくよ。



🌹🌹 昨日この話をしたのだが、すると今日は 私がいたからここまで来れた、と歌ってくれたよ。次に別途書きますがね。🌹🌹





Our history of today💖3 "I havent changed my love " and "Thankyou"
In a song"Changes",he goes through changes but doesnt mean he changes.
Post the part he doesnt change, meaning I forever have his heart that his love for me doesnt change, stays forever🌹sounds good💑🎋

ジャスは友人と共にいて。Changes の歌の中で、変化を遂げているけどそれは僕が変わるという訳ではないよと言っていますか、その最後の部分だけを映してくれました。つまりジャスによる私への愛は変わらないよと伝えてくれてます✨

そしてアルバムの写真を映してThankyou, と私に感謝を伝えてくれたよ~~✨💕

He said thank you, again to me☺, so I said your welcome and thankyou 😄☺
directly and left on his timeline,ok💕


Dead man driving...Psycho thriller dejavu... Get out of "At Least For Now"the only song message to Hal Baldloose.
ヘイリのことを唯一書いたのは 少なくともいまだけは という最後から二番目の曲ですが、どれだけ今の生活が偽りであるかという心情を描いていますよ。そことSecond Emotionを繋げてくれればそこに真実が全て語られているよ。

YT で間違った和訳動画がそれらしく出てるようですが、あれは全然ニュアンスを変えている和訳であり、関係のない蛇を出したりしているのであれは完全なる印象操作。私はこれが蛇のことだとしないとアルバムは出せないくらいまで脅されたとも思ってます。


★★ ここで、死んだ男が家を見るかのような誤魔化しで「死んだ男無表情ドライブ」をしている蛇の姿を写真で見せたいところですが今はままならず。必ずや今度載せますね。★★






📣📣At Least For Nowという曲目がありますが、これは唯一ヘイリに向けたものであり実は別れの歌なのであります。






Since I started to reveal Justins true intentions in detail, Bald cant help but plotting more trap to Jus and be ready getting divorce only in his (Hal)advantage. He has no clue of our strongTwinRay bond of Justin and I, the bond much rare than merely TwinFlame.
Since Im not interested in Baldloose, I dont check on him at all. Somebody told me that he posted someone elses words as usual, he cant come up with his words since he is not original, bringing up the time length of Justin and I know each other that is two years(and eight months)saying what two years cant do you may can in two month, which is again irelevant to this case. 👎snake is that wacko sicko, such a revengeful soul that want Justin to go down till he gives up on his legacy.👎

🙋Yall see the reason my Justin has fought for this behind the scene, no wonder he PUKED When he had tried not to have his funeral celemony. 🙋

Snake Hai Baldloose knows we ve known each other for 2 years and 8months.Jus and I were making our efforts to finalize my divorce then. ★★Within two months my case got in process this snake suddenly showed up, one day before my divorce was finalized Justin was unconciously led to the court like sleep walking,  made NY court looked like a cheap chapel with 50bucks. $. Its ok we needed to go through this, ☀get real everybody gets divorce once IF YOU BELIEVE IN lOVE, Ive done it and Im christian thanks☀★★. ☀Systhematic social norm doesnt apply everydays life in this crooked world you see☀. Of cource Justin mentioned about me to snake Hail at the beginning that Justin cant be faithful, cause Jusjus is in love only with me,snake didnt care cause this fake marriage is not besed on love in the first place. 

Snake Hails only intention is to binding my husband Jus to an unpleasant situation to trap my twin as hostage and revenge as a success hater. ★'★Snake Hail is not even a fan of my Justin, I have Justins heart, he has only been loyal to me. ★'★
This snake guy has known that Justin has unconditional love for me FROM THE BEGINNING in June 2018, the fact my husband Justin only has loved me the WHOLE TIME. What kind of creature would jump into unfaithful marriage, snake Hail is beyond psycho. He did it for Baldwin fam. Thats not his issue for there is no love factor involved in sucking life as a leech, he only wants Justins name for his amateur career, his own family and for taking over Justins fortune. He has a real partner thats his female manager, no wonder he has supported LGBT.

★★Justin has been loyal only to me, I have his heart that he left at my door. ★★
Dont mean to sound cruel but I concluded to show his true intentions why annoyingly hung around my husband Justin,knowing he is not be loved, nothing make sense unless he only pretends he is excited being around only for his promo as model wanna be.

To my Jus, its all an act and his freak show getting Justins nerve. SNS is a convienient tool for Hal to manipulate anybody who are addicted to pretentious shallow perception, all this dead man driving wants to do is get rid of Justin and take over whats left that is not his. Insensitively stealing whats Justins after Jus dies young from MISSING me.
THAT SHOULDNT BE HAPPENING, things are more serious than it seems, it got the point of KILL or TO BE KILLED. Long story short, its better Justin just gets divorce quick. 

Snake went new house hunting ALONE without telling my Justin while making it look like as if it ll thier new life which is not, quite possible he works on Justin manager. Obvious plot of snake is gethering up Justins current or former circle to make them be on his side in case of Justins departure which is happenikg already.  

Snakes house hunt ALONE near Scoots neighborhood,
Met sister of Justin ex,
Posing comparing two months to two years, absolutely irelevant point of view, etc,

these are all happening only AFTER my writing, as his reaction of finally Justin and I revealed ourTRUE LOVE with his songs and my articles.

This declaration is enough confirmation that he dont care what Justin does, only wants to keep my Justin as a HOSTAGE since he is a both love hater and success hater.

★★Its a typical thought wethods of natural born thief karmics, they only wanna mimic and duplicate how I am and willing to steal, destroy and kill whats MINE and  OURS as twins.★★
★★I had to write how karmic Hail both directly and indirectly resposded to my writing ofJustin and I TwinRays bond,
It scares snakes, they cant not to rant about TwinRay and be in denial of whats going on under the Gods WILL.★★

☀☀★★I ll post 'dead man driving with no expression pretending house hunt' pic later, everytime I reveal the truth, their true color coming to the surface. My colleagues angels and the universe is on my side. Two years ago, there was a dead woman walking at the parking lot of this social gathering church, yall remember this?★★☀☀

☀☀☀My husband Justin has tried and tried to collect himself to come and get me, for us to live in true love forever happily ever after 🌹🌹💖💕💑

Nothing they can do, Justin and I have already won.
My husband gave snake enough of humanitarian sympathy that snake doesnt deserve, his freaking freak show wont go nowhere. 

🌹🌹Justin wont waste no more time, he ll soon change saying from "at least for now"  to  "given enough so far".There will be no disappointhments since snake knew this result would come from the start. Justin is ieady to make his dream come true by ending this stucked situation once for all,
starting second half of next week 🌌🌹🌹


少なくとも今は、というのも終えて もう充分に時間を費やしたし へと変化します。



** 昨日upした記事が公開されていないのはおかしいです。

注)   只今昨日の記事として再度公開しました、Google 訳でお読み下さい。訳はたまにおかしくなり意味が違うこともありますが、以前よりは良いようです。そのうちに日本語記述も載せますね。






Our history of the day💖2   今日の二人の歴史。ジャスは私の元へ向かっています🚗✈ Justin is on his way coming for me,we wont explain it all tho 🚗🚅✈ "Around Me" "Loyal" I ll give all the attention" "Our love is unconditional " "I left my heart at your door" "Every Breath You Take"
Our history of the day💖

Justin is on his way to coming for me ✨ whaterever our means, its a secret☺💑
今日の二人の歴史。ジャスはすでに私へ向かっているという告白❗ 形がどうであれこれは秘密ですが、もうすぐ目にも見えるよ☀

My husband hubbyJustin ll make sure Im comfortable☺ , I made his heart melt💕🌹 Ok ~~
He never thought he could be loyal to nobody else but ME☺😍 Yes yes, he is FAITHFUL only to me. Only we know ✨✨

I have his heart😍he left it at my door in 2017, better belive it, I have his heart, mind, and soul☺💕Soon, his body is gonna get those parts to survive😄☺😍😍🌹💑 Do yall know in 3am, its says "She hinks her happiness is a mat that sits on her door way"? 
Well, he sang that part cause he left his heart at my door for me to take it. This is so sweet of Jusjus, its my Justin, its our true love.💕💑  

私はジャスの心を持ってましてね。私の家の玄関にジャスが置いていったのでね、二年前に😄 持っててね、置いておくからと。

🌹🌹🌹 Yup,Justin admitted our love is unconditional, he never thought he could be loyal (No2)😍
In his song " All Around Me" そして新曲の僕の傍にいつもいてねという歌詞も、別にヘイリにでは全くなく私への気持ちであり。


He ll make sure he is gonna give all his attention to me 💕
Yes yes thats what Justin does in everwhere or at the restaurant, doesnt matter if peeps are around. 

ジャスはこれから私に全ての意識を集中させていくよ、と伝えてくれています.。その言葉どおりに、コロラドのカフェでもヘイリという他人を横にして私のメッセージを読んでくれていました❗💕☺ (写真見ましたね?😄 後に掲載)

My Justin always has been checking on my messages all the time. It hasnt changed since almost three years ❗
~~~~Pic later. 

"Every Breath You Take " by  Police  <-------  This is Justins feelings, Ive been watching him too. Its our true looove 🌹💖🚗🚅✈

何故か反映されておらず。再送信。I repeat as Divine Feminine to my TwinFlame Justin Bieber, both Hail Baldwin and Selena Gomez are the karmics.Justin is AWARE of it, no interfere of any kind works. PERIOD. Wicked karmic tarot readers attempt of delusional spiritual warfare.


★★i posted this article yesterday with little explation in Japanese, somehow it wasnt up. i leave this as of 2/21/3020

I repeat, as Divine Feminine to Justin Bieber, twin is only ONE. Im the only who brought this awareness to my husband Justin as well as 'entertainers' such as myself and Justin. It came from within like I wrote before when I didnt even know twin souls really do exists. My life has been based on my 'intuition' which always came out as truth, so I believed it. iNSTANT when it hit me Im the TWIN SOUL. 
Im so spiritual , intuitive and sensitive, Im an empath Apuarius /Pisces, you cant underestimate my TRUE INTUITION. Justin and I are t4is combination, wewgot same Moom, Mars, Lents and Sun combination. InD we tge TWIN !

Since Justin recognized my being before I could connected the dots, he is AWARE and believes everything I ve said thats Im his one and .only twins. While most of peeq do6t, I concluded true twins are mnly 1200 couples. Only 24k beings that are real twins. Yall cant really trend twin flames for most are not. Be in a Twin Flame journey? This is that blessing thing.

This is such a strong bond, nothing can stop us. I am his whole other half, NOBODY ELSE. 

I have to remind yall again from my previous article that I mentioned the other day and last year both Haile Baldwin and Sele Gomez are the karmics.

Therefore, the more they try to prove otherwise, the more wicked delusional spiritual warfare surfaces. Anybody that are on dark force that has tried to distort this fact otherwise has been under the JUDGEMENT by the universe started last month 2020  

★★★Hailey Baldwin and  Sele Gomez are the kaimics, I rerepeat, unfortunately its written in the stars.★★★
🌹🌹Justin and I are in this reunion thats also written in the stars. Deal with it. 🌹🌹

There are many hidden karmic tarot readers that pose as divine when they are NOT. Tagged along with karmics just to bring true twins 
down. Anybody can read the cards in a sense of they can get away for they never think truth will never come out. Welj, ITS COMING OUT. 
WHATEVER is done in a dark, COMING OUT to the LIGHT. IM the natural LIGHT WORKER. 

Anybody who dont know me and Justin dersonally nor how we ve been through this journey together both times of before and after, have no right to talk about us. We discovered each other in a crowd. Those fake karmic readers have tried to bring up Gomz name suddenly into Justin & Marie twin flame journey while they know we are the twin. Readers know WEARE the TWIN. Dont know why they are in silence, cause they are envy of us? What they need is to encourage us instead of being uselessly competitive. This is why I know many of them are not twins!!

This twin flame wanna be phenomina is out of controll, it miht be possible that some of illuminati READERS fackery started to get involved.

They know IM the one for Justin as he is admitting finally in public.

There is no way for anyone would think Gomz is divine, thats so wrongful delusional percetion.
Ask Weeked pls. 

If Abel ever goes out with Hal Bald, he would discribe the same as he did of Gomz. 
Thats another story, lets move on.

★★Dont deny the truth that Gomz already left the scene, by mimicing my once departure from Justin, but in Gomz case, it never eleve has a place to come back. My husband Justin has woken up you see. ★★

Fuckery karmics are so curious about us the true twins, JUST BECAUSE they SEE IM the dlivine feminine for REAL, they wanna do something about it. Forgetting they are so invisible to our lives that they are so irelevant to our journey.😄😄

This is coming form narcissistic behavior, possessed by demons. When you use tart in wrong way, you get possessed just like a widget board.You can see those lost souls everywhere as social demons all over the internet. DENIAL spirits of another,success haters of others that is. Haterd of the truth, being envious of our connection. I must tell you whoever has tried to do fake reading of twin of MINE Justin, yall get judgement from god. 

Another brutal truth, universal power is not for everyone whoever just use Gods name, blessing is not based on how many sins you have committed or how less, its your pure soul that needed to go through hardships just so your reincarnated soul can learn and grow as a child of the univere creator.  

Any fake wolf karmics weaiing the masks of sheep will get violent judgement. 

What goes around comes around. 
Whoever tried to STEAL Justin from me after we got together are woiking ungodly.

Twin flames are not for subscribers nor view counts. If you dont know wtf  twin flame is, then DONT READ.
If you dont fit, just quit.

Dont use his name for living, this is the story of Justin and I as a twin. Others are irelevant, onlyI can fight off our karmics. 
Ive written about this journey only cause I want to keep our history genuine to be shown and talked about it later. Being twin is so precious and extraordinary. Thats I AM.This will show everything to whoever needs to hear it when their times come. Me and Justins history as yet nobody has really achieved as twin flame in entertainment world!  Its not easy !

Nonetheless, for all of this reasons dont ever watch any videos that try to make Gomz look like divine,cause its wriong.THEY ARE purposely LYING. Dont ever get caught by thier deception. Gomz, Hal, stay as karmic I know they know they are the karmics, at least for next million years till least they can RESPECT true twin connection likeJustin and Maris.  
I heard one reader is so persistantly attackikg us, being a manipulator, she is possessed by the darkness and demonically attacks our reunion.
Next day reader got SICK, now the mother is in hospital. They say she confessed yet still doing it being TOXIC.  

This is the judgement.
When you work against our bond by doing some voodoo, you ll get right back at you.
Nothing can affect our union. 

Thats been said, have a right judgement, they are an expert manipulator flipping truth up side down, be carelul who you believe.
BE WARNED yall.  Be warned✨

Our history of the day❤️ あと2話で正直になるジャス、これは命懸けなゆえ。Only two more episodes till he get himself together for the first time.🤗 "You cant be lonely, im always available to you" "3am" "One Last Lonly Girl"

We are invincible, Justin says of me and him, made a song about it. We are going higher.  僕達は無敵だとジャスは私とのことを曲にしています。私達は上へ向かっているわけです。

Below, todays Jus&Marie history

🌹🌹 Posted him ride on a horse saying 'mood', he lis my knight in shining armour coming to save me.Ive saved him to get to me its how we save each other. Honestly, he wants to tush in faster~💕🏃🏃😍
--- 'Mood'  Pic from IG, posted here later

Im the real one last lonely girl, thats why he is showing on IG of that 'OneLessLonelyGirl' for me. Followed by the other day singing 3 am 🎵 'You cant be lonely,Im always with you, here for you' he also said in his other new song. Justin is coming for ME.No kidding. Yall get it.

My husband Jusjus has been always with me from dask till dawn.Miracle is what he sees in ME. Its my all natural fantasyish but REAL miracle. Our enemies try to replace it by makeing him see delusuions in them while MY miracle is the real thing. IT WILL ALL COME OUT TO THE SURFACE like THIS. Im revealing this TRUTH all along how snake has been working on MY HUSBAND not to come forward claiming his true love for ME.
Nothing can stop us now.

🌹🌹He wore a hat written ' Miracle' at Karaoke pool. its a positive change version of him from the last when he wore a 'Sorry' hat apologized publically after his trip to Jamaica in 2018. Show messages in public like this only Jus and I know, except yesterday that was for all to see,.We ve fought for this connection for so long. Justin has been trying and trying, never give up till he gets to me. Its his promise,comprehend🌹🌹
---- pic be posted later from 2018.

So, documentary eposodes on YT are almost over, he cleared up saying two more left TO GO till coming for me. Funny, it ll be over with his own fake death funeral scene? Thats all snake wanted to show I see tits true colors way from the beggining😊 I bet they never thought I would make him ressureced from this funeral trap.
No matter how they try, the fact is we ve already won. Our goal,his true intentions,may still invisible to the world will be seen by all very soon. Mark our words🏅🏃❤️
---- Though peeps witnessed his story by now, I leave it later

He wants to make sure I dont have to mention how we are, so I can stop explaining fighting off worlds deception everytime all alone at 3 am👀🙏💕 Great intention,make it ASAP.🏎🏁
----- Video ll be stamped here
Im his muse yes yes Im his one and only MUSE📀🌋🗽🏅Im also an amusement park to him woo hoo~~ thats RIGHT oh~~ Lord mercy~💕😉



私が本当の最後の寂しい女の子だね、でもそれはもう終わるよという意味でその部分だけをインスタに載せてくれてます。自分の曲であるOneLessLonelyGirl を歌いながらね。今度動画も載せるよ、もう見てるだろうけど😀


写真を載せるよ〜 もう見てるだろうけどね。😀




E T A. Lets get this truth rolling! この真実を巡らせていきましょう💕 My ETA,im arrived😊🌺 Clearing his KARMA together

---- 後に写真も残しておきます、すでに皆さん見ているでしょうがね。😄


My hubby Justin said he doesnt wanna talk to bitch,so I said and wtote then dont talk to your 'fake' wife. That was yesterday morning the same time I asked him to appreciate me in public,which in the evening he showed it to me on his Insragtam.(--- Pic be posted later)

Today,this is what he did just now on his IG.. On story, he said to Hail  'Bye Bitch'
---- Pic comes later, Im sure you guys saw it already.

Yall should know this is whats happning with him behind the scene,dealing with competive insensitive psycho Saggitarius controlling freak narc arrogant snake bitch who is also a success hater KARMIC that is Haikey Boldwin.

This is Justins REAL and only WISH to get out from unhappy ship he has been trapped in. He wants to f GET OUT,and we are making it since Justin and I are the onlyTEAM.
Justin and I wont back down no more just because we are RARELY having ONE and ONLY TRUE LOVE on this planet.

---- Btw, Ive tried to hold this subject but needed to bring this up, IM so RARE and PRECIOUS, therefore Sel Gomz couldnt help but mimiced ME and MY traits mede a song RARE thats ME. I heard she has trying to launch some kind of cosmic product SUDDENLY thats TOO based on MY EXISTENCE. Although I didnt check lirics, the concept of being rare is MY thing.
Gomz IS TOO karmic, not only Bzldwin. These two only showed up as REVENGE AFTER they saw us GOT MARRIED online. They dont want us to be happy which WE WILL. Justin and I are meant to be together. We are match in HEAVEN so he ll leave match in HELL. Very soon. Ive been telling this since day one from Oct 2017. I WAS RIGHT,truth finally came out this time😊
I have to let yall know this simple fact. Well, Justin and I will be complete, and
thats all that matters❤️💕🌷😊



Anyway, outside case is not an issue, my hubby Justin said nothing can come stop us,I ve told yall already,thats how we are.
He has tried to go through REAL change WITH me, getting OUT of never ending unhappiness once for all, so RESPECT.


Time has come💕🌺

My hubby is dropping new MV every week for a month started tonight.
🌹🌹🌹Yeah, THAT Tuesday. Justin chose Tuesday as our Birthdays are💕 😊🙏

Jusjus, Im fixing now so hold on...
This prob was solved within several hours after this post, great---

Thanks for that appreciation comment in public(like I asked this morning)😊How about 'to everyone and 'you' 'cause Im not one of everyone you kno💕
Btw, I cant send 'it' to you only looking at posts with this ipad for some reason, Im fixing my two phones as well as pc, meantime I ll send you a simple sign,you probably got it thats all I can do for now, so hold on.

Good to have lunch alone a lot,next out to have coffee alone 'Coffee for you and for me~~'

Talk to you later..... 


追あり)Justin misses me, thankyou.. Answer from Justin and mine to Justin. Everytime we get close, this evil force in disguised try to get us. Tho we are the winners.
追記 10/6/2020:ピンク字で少々の文章を追加。前半の曲らは貼り付けました。
追記 2/1/2021: 全てをピンクにへ変更、追加文はGreen緑字へ。

No PC No pic/video 
すごいね HappyHappy~ 
So i only write the song titles till my laptop be fixed.... and these songs below are the Justin's reply to my request that I said "how about you post songs of our history on IG since I left you w ByeByeBye by Nsync last year... what was your reaction to me ^^ n how you tho
ught about me and us till your new album released just this week. I want you to tell me your feelings since you wrote those songs are all about me~~^^ except one 'AtLeaseForNow' that's about up coming divorce song. Boo here we ere, we r back again❣️ we should celebrate itttttttt'
Then JusJus immediately started to gather his thoughts n half day later, he posted our history songs only for MEEEEEE

ジャスがUsher の'Yeah'をupして、私のことで頭がいっぱいだとも告白してくれたし。
頭だけでなく心も脳も全てですがね^ ^
Im all up in Justims head, heart, brain soul and body. When he is on this stage, some does happens to interfere but he has fought and trying get his life together with me, so just respect us. 
🌹🌹🌹Justin really misses me... thank you n I do too.
These are the songs Jusjus has showed me today as his love for meeeeee.
1) Rolling Stones  💗💖💕'Miss you ' ’寂しいよ’  ジャスは寂しかったよ~~ということで。

2 )'Since You Been Gone'  Kelly Clarkson ’あなたと終えてから’
He translated my feelings instead of me doing it. This song is like what I said in ByeByeBye so Justin used Nsybc song to explain how he(s been feeling for me( that's next song) こちらでは私がバイバイで表したものを私用に女性シンガーの曲で表現してくれています。

10/06/2020: Btw,after I posted this song here she started her talk show? suddenly her news on Japanese site, you see as usual this is how they do. Staiking me.. and for the firat time^^I saw her on pic and um,she looks um, totally different from what she was in this MV^^;
すごいね~~やはりジャスによる私への愛は深いのです ジャスにとっては私のことだけを一途に思っているということだからね
All That Matters’という曲を、だからこそジャスは私に向けて2017年から何かある度に其処此処で毎年歌って捧げてくれていますよ。これは以前2018年にも2019年にも書いたことですがね。
3) 💗😥💗💑 'Gone'’君が行ってしまった’
As ya'll remember I left him last year with saying ''Bye Bye Bye' by Nsync...^^ So he answered how he's feeling since I left with the same N Sync song. yesyes this is what I asked him to do, like I said You said kinda emotions^^. Thank you boo Jusjus~. Well, I wanna emphasize once again that Justin picked up the song from the same band I posted n left a bye message with😄
See~~ how Justin is supportive to me and connecting this and that as our history like this. It's all for replying my request. What a deep love JusJus has for meeeeeeee 
He just confessed his lovelovelove for me. This is so loyal of him~~, Justin sings 'All That Matters' from time to time for me like I wrote in 2018 and 2019
too you know 'cause I'm all that matters to Justin! No kidding.

4) 'Hit The Road Jack'  ジャック、出て行って’ by Ray Charles is about his worries of our future what might will happen, its all gonna be alright tho. This song is cute, cant miss what he says towards the end, 'YOU! want me! Nah?!' ^^この曲の、最後で男性が翻弄されている台詞が可愛いですね

There is another song he posted yesterdfay 2/17/2020 on IG story to tell me his feelings,that I looooved. i recorded it,will post original later on as a new article.

And last but not the least, this new song by my hubby Justin Bieber'Thats What Love Is ' I love it 😍 
Its all about me all about Justin & Mari,thanx boo.

今回私が先週に戻ったからですね。前回私がN Sync のバイバイバイという曲で去ったものだから、ジャスは同じN Sync のバンド曲で今回アンサーをしました、最初はローリングストーンズで '寂しいよMiss You'という曲、そのままストレートに寂しがってくれています☺。次は私が去った時の心情をkelly Clarkson の曲で示していて'あなたが去ってから'、という曲をupしています。これは私がこのN Syncの曲で、あ~せいせいするっということを言ったので^^;それを女子の歌でjジャスは私の感情を表現してくれたわけです。そしてそこへ今度はジャスの気持ちとして私へN' Syncで答えてくれたのは勿論、私が一度去ったときに残した同じバンドであることを強調して繋げてくれているのであり(2回目)、この’Gone’君は去ってしまった’ 'という曲では、あれからずっと寂しかったよと、ずっと座ってばかりいて私のことだけを考えているよということだそうです☺。そして私が戻るには、僕に何をして欲しいのか、何が必要なのかを教えてよとも言ってくれていて!私のいない人生は考えられないとのことで、嬉しいですね

最後のこのレイチャールズ曲では、これまで私達に起きたこと兼ジャスの中にある未来への懸念を気持ちとして載せてくれています。ありがたや、特に男性であるジャスが私にゾッコンという意味を表わしてくれているのですごい^^、お互いに好きなので文句が出てもどんな状況でも一緒にいるというこの内容は、最後に男性が言うセリフも可愛いのです。’ねえ!君も僕が欲しいんじゃなかったのか、何なんだよ どういうことだよ出て行けってのは。ねえ!’と、半ば乙女みたい^^に困惑している様子の台詞が可愛いわけですね。

Its so EASY for Hal Baldwin to be IRRELEVANT to Justins whole new album.
Justin wants not  bringing story nor name of Gmz 
ever ever again that he already had a CLOSURE in HIM. No feelings whatsoever.
So for now, because of me and Justin's circumstances, he had to lie like its about Baldwin which is abosorutely NOT
 so honestly, that wasn't proper promo. Except his conffessional song about his up coming divorce (No2)

***追)2020年2月14日に発売した(2・14・2020)アルバムの中のAt least For Nowは、ジャスの離婚自白予告曲。つまりこれだけがジャスによる、ヘイリ蛇への曲なのですよ。This is the only song he made about Baldwin.WIITH THIS SONG,HE SWEARED he doesn't give up on reaching the scissors to CUT the TIE W/FUNERAL BOND TO SNAKE LOOSE. This is the fact. このvideoはApril4月、昨年の4/7/2020に出ましたよ。時系列を見ても判るように、このMVは私がこの曲の説明を大々的に書いてから制作されたものであり。ほらね、このようにして私のいうことは真実だということを伝える為にまたもやバックアップして表現を見せてくれたわけ!だからMVの中では、ヘイリ蛇とのお葬式の罠を切る為ハサミに手を伸ばして取ることを日々の中で決して諦めない!姿を演出したのです。ジャスと私は神の元ですでに2017年に結婚していますから。まだ離婚してもいないのに他の誰とこのようなことが出来るとでも?この運びは正気の沙汰ではないわけですね~。つまりヘイリ蛇は'誰でもない人'の中のただの一人、2020年末に発売されたAnyone、私でなければ誰でもないということ。
I wrote this TRUTH of his conffession in February then my hubby Justin made it in April. Justin has been MY HUBBY in GOD’sEYES SINCE October 2017. How could anyone ever married to MY HUSBAND,WE HAVEN'T EVER  GOTTEN DIVORCED. IT'S INSANE!
***Added on 2/3/2021: Here is the ONLY ONE 
released song'Anyone' out on 12/31/2020,he says if it's not ME  it's NOT ANYONE. Justin is awaken.ジャスは覚醒していますから。

This 'Chenges' album, is all about ME.Sorry!THIS  IS  THE  TRUTH.
Everytime Justin and I get close, this Baldloose and other groups try using his longing for me against him, plotting stories as if Justin is ok in his fake marriage that is for reality he is in his funeral settings. Baldloose always use paps as convienient tools to manipulate SNS lost souls demons by walking close to my hubby Justin or fakely holding hands for a moment when Bald lost his balance on purpose just so become closer suddenly, but it's only for cameras. It was so obvious when they were at the church last week, Justin went 'Get your hands off of me' to Bald Hal. Hal was so insisting to put on a show pretending like thing is going well with MY  HUBBY  when it's NOT. It happened on ValentinesDay too and yesterday when all Justin wanted was POSTING OUR SONGS on IG as his love for ME. He ll just be careful not being too fiendly physically to both male/female,some of his weird FANS are include Baldwin.


Justin has been saying nothing can stop Justin and me, cause we are invincible. it may be inlisible at this moment tho. He even has made songs declaring that twice so far, in 2017 and just recently in this month. I ll post those next time. 


1) Everlong  Foo Fighters 
Is it lasts forever?  Justin asks, so I say when I fall in love, it ll be forever💕
2) When I Fall In Love   Nat King Cole (Repeat)
3) Replaced with 'Happy Together' 🌺🌺 Note: He has never tried to foget about me nor us, so. 😊🤗 ジャスは一度も私を忘れようとトライしたこともなくいつも思っているので曲変更です💕😊🌺🌺
4) Dusk Till Dawn  Zayn , This song Justin recorded it for me これはジャスが私のために歌って録音してくれた曲でもあります💕
5) Second Emotions   Justin Bieber  Of course this is too MY song 

Again, Justins new whole album is ALL about ME. Im the only MUSE in his LIFE that is.


I think you should tell it all out and QUIT fake ship ASAP, Jusjus. Dont try to put us in a shadow, you are already iin danger.
🌹You said you are appreciating me, then why dont you say that in PUBLIC. Its time to show. You said you dont wanna talk to BITCH, good, then STOP talking your FAKE 'wife' ,It always has tried to STEAL our BOND❗🌹
🌹 Note: The very same day today, he posted on IG that he 'appreciate everyone involved', meaning he appreciate ME thats very specific message FOR ME. Thankyou, Jusjus. 💕
---- You ll get more sick without me you know that, n Im saving you again. 

Jusjus shouldnt put us in a shadow. His real purpose is to be integrated in one being with me. Im the universal light that lights up not only this planet but whole GALAXY^^. My hubby Justin will stop dealing playing with EVILS AKA his HIDDEN ENEMIES. He 'll get on this level, no more wicked games that snake plays, dont let it attack you not only mentally but also psychically. Justin has been SAVED by ME how many times?...^^ He'll do better than this this time I know❗

私達二人を陰へ追いやるようなことをしてはならず、こんな陰みたいなことはもうやめようと。ジャスは私に感謝してるよと伝えてくれていますが、ならばそれを公でも表したらどうだと書きました❤️ 私はこの地球どころか宇宙を照らす光だからさ❗

Update追記 2/1/2021: 昨年の9月中旬から特にNYEコンサートからは、遂にジャスは沢山の気持ちを表現してくれています!Since last September, my hubby JusJus has been genuinely trying to be honest n corporate completing our DESTINY by showing his true feelings for ME  in public. No more public vain display dealing with Bald that's down to only 20%,I've felt so relieved. Since 'Anyone' came out n he performed NYE concert with many songs he dedicated to ME,I totally believe his transformation. No more fake pics that much^^ it means a lot and I'm happyhappy~~

I know he can't wait for me to hear his new album.

It'll be all about ME and our true love.

This time,we should complete our fate as he is saying I make him complete^^~


       Marie Ishihara 石原真理子

STOP trying cloning/mimicing/duplicating my energy and DNAfrequency. I know I am the only one you the gang members concentrate on sucking the energy from.  It is a serious crime and deadly disgusting.



 STOP Cloning my energy,DNA&frequency. It's obvious I'm the only onTHEY have concentrated on PUBLICALLY sucking,mimicing and duplicating the energy from FOR THE WORLD TO SIMPLY SEE. I am the Divine while most OF ARE THE KARMICS,thewere born with no energy have not thier own.

 Stealing my IDENTITY and EXISTENCE is a malicious crime and deadly disgusting. Started in January 2020,unseen crimes that have been long hidden GETTING SEVERE JUDGEMENT. The result of the spiritual warfare I'VE WRITTEN ABOUT. Information, TECHNOOGY and devices are their convienient weapon.      Fight for your rights if your brain hasn't been invaded by ingnorant virus. Finally time has come I'm rewarded with JUSTICE.
This is what I meant WHEN I said 

justin peace sign

B IMG_20190827_160134
All NATURAL。全てが自然。ーー私はね。^^~

2 singa yokome
FullSizeRender (130)

(editted pic) With my ex Paul Walker



Southern All Stars album 1989-1990年 



1990 サザン

YahooやGoogleなどでそれらの 記事を故意に羅列させて過小評価を施すのも名誉毀損の犯罪です。
また、その際の掲載写真たちをも工作改竄してYahooのTOPに NegativeCampaignを表すのも止めなさい。
加えて私に勝手に関連 させている人物たちのほとんどが実際には何の関係もない人物たちであり、
止めるよう。これは私のイメー ジダウンに繋がることになるゆえネガキャンを図るのは営業妨害です。
また、YouTube、サクラブロガー、某掲示 板、やらせ検索、やらせ検索数、やらせ検索言葉などを用いて


FalseRumor を繰り返 しながら陰謀工作を行うConspiracy行動はStop金輪際止めて下さ い。

It is a galactic crime to steal my high frequency in order to cover over your lower frequency
by replacing mineto yours just so decieving the world with what is never belong to you.
Do not gain mundane greedy business benefits with my energy without my permission,
it is a crime.

Stealing my indentity or imitate of my being is equal to energy cloning of my existence.
It is against law that is a fraud. My christ DNA frequency that you guys so crave can not live
without me,it is absorutely VAIN even try to steal it from me especially in this unappreciative
dark hell-world.
I am here to bust instantly of this all the crimes in this matter if I decide to do so.
Unauthorizedly sneakly stealing my traits, being,identity and existence can never be owned by
anybody but MYSELF.
You will reap what you sow,this is a serious crime.
ever try to put any conspiracy against me this day on.
You have made so many fictionalized stories of mine for the last three decades as an attempt
of character assacination. Not only making fake articles but also the fake photos tricked my face
and figures w/photo shop (2014 and before)
made it way down graded
my real face only to
make it matching to your horrible fake stories of me which are NOT TRUE.
None of those represents MY traits at all.
Google, Yahoo Japan and YouTube are backing up this conspiracy acts.
They always copy/steal/imitate and ripp off of my everything to create many timely business unlimitedly.
Whatever I write or say on TV,my blog,anywhere in public and my YouTube channel since 2018

is not an exception,they ste
al my subscribers,my view counts
to make it look like less popular for they are jealous of me BEING SO MUCH POPULAR

They also
have tricked searched numbers of my page at Yahoo/Google,tricking relating peeps
replaced with non related peeps and again,my pics are shown only with tricked photos
that don't really represent for
how I look.These crimes as forgery is the SAME AS vote fraud,
it's the part of smear campaingne against me.
They have treated me as one of those polititians who is influencial that's exactly how they see me
that they are afraid of THE POWER I HOLD.
I am not interested in being politician, they never stop being imtimidated by ME 
only standing here alone.

I am the most sought acctress in Asia, people say. I'm the only beauty is the reason for
this insane jealousy they have.
Therefore they all wanna be me yet they try to hide while they STEAL and copy my
They want to stage it as coinsidence which obviously untrue that these are nothing but
the theft act. They even created plastic 
sergeryin Korea/China to copy MY FACE but
they never succedded.

They all wanna have what I have and wanna be like ME, they say
. Never have stopped
duplicating,mimicing and copying my
IDEA/FLAIR/traits and life experiences to
form businnesses that are
all out of my frequency without my permission that they are also the gang stalkers.
Intend to steal every
good traits I have, but in reality, they never have succedded
I am all natural and a girl since I was born when most of them are fixed and worked on
their appearances here and there
in Asian entertainment industry.

This devious bully cloning crimes are not allowed by the Universe, forbiddited any clone
to make a living by imitating or mimicing my identity/being.
to ever trying consume others as their supply to the point
of sucking others energy left to dry like VAMPIRES.

That been said,these malicious cloning business are nothing but formed with
their deep disrespect of my successful fortune. Thier beyond envious ripping off businesses
are now crossed the line that this sin should be STOPPED IMMIDIATELY.

What I deserve is the profit and gratitude from those company I saved to operate
in the first place,
Without me,they have never been able to get enough attention to

even consist the base of their business structure

102047 (1)

*** 彼等は私の予言が当たることに妬み嫉みをしています。彼等にはない宇宙のパワーを私が持つからです。私を意識しているグループは全体で8つ以上ほどあり、それらは全てで1億1000万人以上はいるのです。全ての世代で意識している、私は超有名であるということは皆さんも知ることです。(これまでに数十人しか言及していないのでこれは重要な真実として載せる必要がありました)あるグループは偽せ者スピ系。これが一番大きなグループであり、その中でも更にいくつかに分かれており、それらは互いに知る場合も知らない場合もあります。そして彼等の妬みが重なった時、私へのコンプレックスを違う焦点へとずらして世論を変え私との絆を破壊しようと洗脳を試みるのです。つまりそれを行うには、見えないものを皆さんが確認しようのない方法で私について仕立て上げるしかない。何故ならば彼等は私の見た目および生き方と人格が完璧だということを知るので、これは見えない部分で「工作」するしかないという所以から行き着いた計画なのです。つまりそれには私の高い宇宙意識精神性を、彼等は彼等の低い動物精神性以下にまで下げる為の「虚言」で私の存在について「偽造工作」するしかないのだということ。


★★★ 私が何度もYT登録をと、お知らせベルをオンにと、お伝えしていたのはこのような理由でしたね。。。またYouTubeでもお会いしましょう❗❗☀🔔🔔😺💞🌄������
*** 皆さんは遂に彼等による洗脳から早く逃れて、このまま未知の綺麗な世界へ進まれると良いですね。

 スヌーピーA IMG_20180724_020246


UP  2人 90331_095131
 シドニー ゴールドコースト 
薔薇 横下
More 1

IMG_2173303 教会
03 Victor
KOji Marilyne 2人みつめ 名前なし



この記事盗難被害なり。再掲載。私が好きだと言った曲をまずはMV作りしてインスタに上げてくれているジャス。Justin posted "Yeah" by Asher. I said I like "Second Emotion" better, thats serious and our song 🌹💑

This criminal again stole and urased my post about the song "Yeah"by Asher, which Justin posted on this day 2/17/2020.

I said "Second Emotion" from Justin is better cause thats OUR song with a serious life decision essence in it.
We dont play games,at least I DONT neither does Justin when it comes to ME .

Yesterday, He posted songs I said i like partiaulary, before he posts anything else. These two songs are "Second Emotion"and "Running Over" Justin dedicated MVs to me just like other songs and so far those songs he made MVs, we have histories with each .
The lyrics, the concepts and so on. 
I ll write about it next week.

Made a short article for the second time with a brief note and pics of the dog.





🌹🌹🌹この日の記事で、私はジャスのSecnd Emotion が好きだと書きました。すると一昨日からジャスは私が好きだと書いていたこの曲とRunning Over のMVを他のものよりも先に載せてくれています。これまでの曲も全て私に捧げてくれている。そして先の5曲にもそれぞれ私達の歴史が内容に入っているのです。





追加あり。Added that Justin made singing part of 3 am. Technical prob on new pc. Its 3 am. 今度はPcに入れなくなり。今は午前3時。"Foerever" "Thats What Love Is"
I wanted to up some songs then voala technical problem again with new pc. 
My password doesnt get through this time, this is what they do too. 
My being my energy this planet needs. 私の存在エネルギーは地球に必要だからです。

Its 3am. He is singing it for ME on IG. 

3am  by  Matchbox 20


MatchBox20 3am 午前3時。いまジャスが歌ってくれているやつです
🌸🌸Ive been posting articles around 3 amt my time. thats why. He posted😊 Justin  misses me and care for ME. Thanksyou Jusjus bae boo. Yall are here to witneps what the TRUE TWIN FLANE LOVE is. This is PROOF. 

🌸🌸💕💏追記--  Added : Amazing my HUSBAND Justin just made this part LONGER for ME 👍💕🎶so peeps will know its the TURTH. how did you do it, I asked Justin😊
Thats MY HUSBAND, he will get out of the HIDDEN ENEMYs TRAP very F SOON, thanksyou. 

One Gomz is gone , one more Bald to go 
一人去り あともう一匹を去らすなり。

Jusjus just posted he is protected from hidden enemy. He is fighting for me and for us. 

We went throuh this before, its NOTHING. nothing ENEMYs trap is working. 
Its our wish, we ll complete this 
これは二人の願いだから やり遂げるわけですね

In 2018.he recorded ‘remix Bad Day‘ with Poo Bear for me and postedl on YouTube secretly FOR ME right next day. yeah I remember
2年前のバレンタインデーでの翌日では、Bad Dayという曲をPoo Bearと共にオリジナルリミックスの録音をして私のためだけにYouTube上でupしてくれたわけでね。

🌹🌹🌹 Song "Forever", now he has posted the part ‘Everytime I go wrong way,tell me back around...‘  and ‘Marie is my only MUSE‘...  
今はEverytime I go wrongway...僕が間違った方向に行ったときはいつも、君に引き戻すようにと伝えて貰いたい‘  という部分と、例のYou are my MUSE 君だけが僕の女神だよという曲を載せてフォローしてます。
遂には公式チャンネルでAnti Valentines Party と書いてくれましたよ😊二年前のこともあるからですね。

I think I need MORE, I think.... 

🌸🌸Then finally he used his official YT channel to post and tell the world now he became Anti Valentines Party😊 Cause we went through this same drama two years ago. jjust like ive written here😃thanks for this confirmation🍀🌼  This time, Jusin wants  Bald to love herself. HE IS LEAVING, moving on from Bald very SOON. 
We both are an emph, so incredibly understand each other and he has learned how narcissistic have used our kindness against us. 

Justin is MOVING ON real soon yall, so he can have True Love in his life.
This is all he wants, so RESPECT...  
He is now saying he was only with many big bears.


The more he misses the more enemy tries to get him to mess his mind n tries to trick his thought process to use my good traits projected on his enemy to look like me. mimicing n copying.Try to replace with his ENEMY. 

I like this song the best, Jusjus like I told you
'Thats What Love Is (Between me and Marie)'

Thanks, Justin is dropping his ego and pride with false mask he has been wearing in public includes any interwiews up till next month.His happiness is always only with ME 💕 He was such a liar 😃🎉🎶


like a DejaVu😊Justin posted again 'I ll Find You',one of 'our history'songs.😊 ジャスがまた同じのを載せてくれました、まさにデジャブ2017年からの曲をもう一度again💕 'RunningOver' by Justin.

Yall must be remember this song was what Justin posted on his IG in 2017.
Well, we took a time machine n went back in time so he posted this same song from 2017 as a CONFIRMATION  that I wrote and have written things about us are All true🎉😊 

It was a few hours after my article of yesterday was up and I mentloned to him that I ll listen to 'Ill Find You' agian which is our history song💕  Guess what,then he POSTED the pic of this song on his IG! just for me~~, OMG my HUSBAND Jusjus is vevy faithful ONLY to ME 💕💝
I got him only after 24min, without notification^^  and 24,yes that's my number..~
H6n06n6 33 f5nd y64

I heard he is making partially acting documentary on YT(acting scenes,those w/Hails part) which I dont watch and I heard its almost over by now. Everything is gonna be ok, he says.
Justins new album,he made me cry... a lots of messages in it for me I really love it😊💝💕

I love them all, especially six songs I fond of includes

Running Over, yup yup our pending is over. Justin had me at ’Hello.’ 
I must tell yall we both were born on Tuesday ❗ Which I found out this year and told him about it that two peeps who were born on same day are getting along very very well which history says 💝 Its another story I may write about next time💕

With that been said, we are BAAAACK again, our future is coming all positive. Everything we went through are only step stones to get here.
Divine is with me and us, for Justin and I are the real TWIN FLAME after all😊💏 
I made an article about this song that Justin posted for me and for our BOND in 2017.I ll paste it later.  
---Have no idea why it got pink this time,I didn't do it. Why it happened and how, I want it blue tho, you know.. 





🌹🌹🌹 I told Justin privately that I loooove "Running Over" from his new album . 💕
私達の未解決や始めた途端に終わりが見えてしまってたことも全て解決し❗ジャスティンの曲の中で特に6つくらい好きなのがあるのですが、Running Over も好きだとジャスに個人的に伝えたら今それをジャスはIGストーリーで載せてくれています❗😃🎶💕🌹🌹🌹




こちら、10/3/2017 の記事です。
追記あり。Justin. They did it again but it won't work. I already defeated Satan to death, he is afraid of me. I know. P.S...


Justin Bieber and I wont let go,won't give up,we are the TrueTWIN FLAMES. Im the only MUSE in his life,thanks. He goes through changes SINCE he MET ME. ジャスは私と出逢ってから変革している。本当の結末はYouTube創作モノとは違い、ジャスはそのうちにそれを証明します。


Justin wont let go, I won't let go. We won't give up, we are already united since the beginning. We got married online in October 2017.


Real change is coming once those episodes on YT is DONE, which I dont watch just because irrelevant Hailey Baldwin is in it I heard, These will be gone in a min. 

Im the only MUSE in his life. Thats what Jus himself has said and it's the FACT. 

Thank you for saying that my voice is a music to your ear, yeah I knew it😃.and you are the only who said so^^ i love your honesty 💕💏


Indeed Justin is my real twin after all, his love is stronger than any karmic evil influences😊

We rode our time machine to turned back in time to restart all over. its a Brand New start🍀
Our eternal home is wherever we be together, we ve already won. we are forever victorious❗ 
私達の勝利です🎉 ジャスと私はタイムマシーンに乗って時間を戻し、新しいスタートを切りましたよ~

何だとかと普段は自ら売り込むくせに逆のことを言い出したりしてね。--- え~~、急に?!? 🙃

Yall will witness Justin starts being alone, having lunch alone n coffee alone. Spending only in his own beautiful room down stairs at HIS place.
Will thier real ending be documeted as well on a last episode ? I wonder... while Justin wanna show its over in secret, 
Hal Baldwin wouldnt let it, cause to hal Baldwin, its an invasion of privacy. --- Wow, after all those fake episodes in public? privacy, to YOU? SUDDENLY? 😲

There is no Season 2, why they call it Season 1, hollywood crews are so funny😂
Justin Bieber is MY HUSBAND since October 2017. Everybody knows it😊n thats the serious truth. 
There is a time lag between fiction and non fiction, Justin has been through changes SINCE HE MET ME. Noone has influenced him but ME ~

karmic Hal Baldwin/S.Gomz are irrelevant. Gomz thing is already OVER in Justins life since six years,even Goz confessed it a few months back.
Its OUR Brand New stage and never changed destiny that's what Justin and I are talking about. So WAKE UP. 

He has made incredibly beautiful music, he said Im the melody and its our symphony thats what it is. Meaning, these songs are all about me.
真実を書くよとジャスには伝えているので。もうWe wont tolerate deception and lies anymore. 騙しや嘘には耐えられないので。


He will be stucked by me, wont let me left out in the dust. Of cource either way I wont be left out anyway.
He ll give me a sunflower this Summer... 🌻😊

We never let go of OUR FATE, its from the galaxy.

Reply to his french🎈ジャスのフランス語 Je T‘ Aimeに答えてこちらはイタリア語を。
Amore 💕 アモーレ
The real best change is yet to come, expect the unexpected 🎈💕

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