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Very much blur excuses, this suisidal Amtrak crash. It sure is a threat, harass, and disturbingly fear-embedded thought control to the citizens..
Horrible Amtrak accident, I send a prayer to those ingured passangers to be great-cared early recovery..

This attempt sure is a boldly threatening, and fear-embedded 'thought control' to the citizens.

The laywer of the driver commented ' No explanation'. ,,,  (What???)

No mattar what they say, these are still blur excuses and we never be able to reach the fact.

Though, It is very differ from the plane crash in March , that occured by crossing with invisible rader from another dimention.

Yes, it may sounds bizarre, I know, but I insist on it's that happned.

'They' are scattering informations day by day, and everyday, in any way, nothing is with the core, so that peeps are gradually  holding neglect feelings,

and as days go by, people eventually become 'numb' about anything around them and will never get to the truth.

The informations 'they' provide? are called `news'. 

No, people! don't let be! don't give in! 







皆さん、 操作されないで下さい。ーーー

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