石原真理絵  marieIshIhara真理子 "ふわっとした瞬間”
You can call me a new illuminati. I am here, too, to save humanity on this earth.
The time has come.

The every single human being should know what's really going on this earth and our controllers.

Before we all ,well, excluding me and some other real natural intelligents like myself, fall into

slavery with no way out.

You can call me a new illuminati,

who are brave enough and oppose to the old illuminati whose single act always against humanity.

For you all know who I am, I am easily spotted everywhere I go,

not that I want to be,

but  I can't hide, no place to hide,

under the influence of God's bright light that's protecting me

everyday, everytime, everywhere for

all my life.

Since I am a child of God,  the child of the creator of this universe,

 I have been tested, challenged, and constantly harassed by being set-up with manufactured sins

which I never have committed, ever.

This old customs centuries-go trap circulation is over.

The galaxy and earth themselves are moving forward towards the 'Biggining of time' now.

Ya'll would witness some unexplainable events, here and there very soon....

WW3 would not be an exception, really.

I meant a horrible cruel massacre could occur, which may will rewind the curent time

back to 1600's or so...


Are my brothers and sisters still out there, somewhere in the world??

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