Don't let people use a guilt to get what they want from you. But you now aware of the people keep doing the same old stuff.
They use guilt for emotional manupilation
only for their own benefit.

That's coming from their insecurity and narcissism, rather than kindness or genuine heart.

This one is wrapped up itself very much to the point of
overestimating its importance in your life,
which is an illusion.

It's their illusion which you might be aware and know now, but not before,
what people are capable of and they keep doing same old s***  to bother you,
you were blinded.

These are more bad memories than good ones.
You gatta put you on guard and cut this creatures off.

Protect yourself and don't let it pop up in your life, anymore.

You've already decided to move on awhile ago.
You needed one more push, like my push.^^
Let people know once for all where they stand with you.
Then it won't coming back no more!, and they leave you alone.

Whatever that left unsaid can create a hostility and might effect your proffesinal environment and creditibity,
so cut it off~~.

It's some kind of spiritual crisis you are on right now, which leads you towards the precious truth.

You gatta let go of passivity and need to claim your space and your activity, and don't let others approach you over.

These came from my soul ties with you. ^^

What's this?, I'm asking to myself.

Anyway, I can see you make a big decision that's a very concious choice.
I do care, whole heartedly. ~~

Tell me how it goes~~. ^:^

シドニーゴールドコースト ブルー

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