July is the Divine Fated timing, of cource not in general, but our case.
Universal challenge in the position is taking an action.~

No more passiveness.

This July is the excellent  month for a manifest、

but I'm not talking about in general, of cource~.

It's your original, our original, you see it all you could have down the line.

Do you see now, you can have it all~~^^

I know there might be those fake manipulative clingy jealousy creatures still,  'which'

may be always try to translate my true beauti~~ful  feeings^^ into their nasty reality,

and that's absolutely very arrogant, moran, low-IQd, no-brain act,
insane, and

illegal invasion of MY privacy.

You know exactly what I mean.^^

Isn't it very b

This is it !~^^


夏ですがクリスマスディナー デザート。^^



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