再度掲載:Remember, that ackowlegement that CIA oficially revealed of Area 51 in August 2013. I feel something that's related to UFO is comig up soon.
Remember, on 8/15/2013, as I wrote that day CIA finally ackwoleged the existence of Area 51?
I took this acknowledgement as a indirect revelation about the ETs as well, that live among us is possible.

With the massacre that happened in Orlando, Florida this month is, to me, related to Area51/UFO issue based on my life experiences and my intuition. I really feel something space issue such as UFO discovery etc,is coming up soon.

I have mentioned and written about this unknown staff from time to time, and I meant  ETs are not the fantasy but the truth and CIA even gave the world this statement 3 years ago. I also stated before that I have visited Area 51 twice, it's a very huge spot, slightly different than they showed its map, I could have driven all around it then, taking about 8 hours. And I signed my full name on a high big board that was standing in half way with the picture on, so it still shows my name as a memory and a proof that Marie Ishihara had visited there. 

Whether or not for this reason, people can't enter to Area 51, unable to drive through anymore, so I was lucky.  Just for a memo, they keep many cows inside the site.

I have witnessed UFO and spaceman, also warp the time, experienced teleportation as well
, in such as France, U.S, and Japan.
  This one time in 1987,  I called up the UFO at home and they came,indeed. So with all of these tangible experiences myself, it's impossible for them to deny this truth & Area51.

Also, I have written about hearing the angel voices in Florida in 1995 and met them in my dreams, I know this galactic help is out there in this universe watching us to protect. This is not something you feel fear of , not at all.

I have taught people there are good spaceman and bad spaceman that live among us,
But didn't write the important secret, that I am also the one of this good spacewoman who looks like Japanese actress in disguise. ~~ Trust me, this is the truth. 

I had some weird experiences, just like having an encounter with the owl at UCLA in 1989, and Area 51 in Arizona, and the massacre that happened last week was in Orlando, Florida . Somehow I feel these incidents would lead to the revelation of the spacemanship/UFO next. possibly related to the president election,too. so I have decided to make this article again.

I mentioned about Disney Company and Walt Disney World on the same day including Micheal Jackson, because to me, these are all related. This article written on 11/2/2012.

I told you My predictions that I have made so far so many times, good and bad,  have really happened after every time I say or write, and I got a feeling something about Area 51 would be coming an issue,again.

This is neat to know that people these days became more aware of the invisible knowledge, but on contraly, the world became more focused on confusing, bitter and cruel intention.

This is the mind war
that's going on since day one, and  I call this spiritual conspiracy, between good and evil, good spaceman and bad aliens.

I have a mission to tell the world of this, how the earth is surrounded by the other galactic beings, that the earth is not the only one in which has living creature.  I'm here to teach all of this important issues to everyone, and the world's end of time is near.

Did you know the earth was reborn with my help on July 19th, 2014?
We have two earths now, one of them is invisible so far, stay hiding at this moment, though. People will be divided in two based on their spiritual growth and go with one of these earths and the other one is destined to fall out of the space with that kind of human in it

~~ Although, I have to wait a little longer on humans growth to
reveal much more deeper truth to come surface of kind of susceptible secret in this world. You see, I am very patient.

 I say this again, remember, goodness is still here..


 さもなければ これは日本への韓国の真似どころではない問題になり、世界へ出ていきます。


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