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自然な呪い返しは宇宙の法則。Too much jealous sinners,too much trouble making,,especially when it comes to my extraordinary beauty。(That's they say )South Korean illegal immigrants are the source of the trouble. But some Japanese,too.

As long as they are influenced by current media/social media, Japanese will never get out of that generational curse.
They need to publically admit and apologize for causing numerous terrible problems to me when I am the only celebrity who lives in the truth and have a goodness that have made a lots of goodness/ boom in the entertainment industry for long time.
And I am the only one person in the whole country who got a goodness that they can be affected by for sure.

They always have set me up and create man-made false rumors to try character assasinating me which they have always always failed. Future of Japan depends on how they treat me from now on, it has been always this way and so will the future.
I fed up with those wanna-be talents yet they are saying that they are the model, when they had changed their face from very ugly to mid ugly by plastic surgery. They are ugly but narcissist and possessed by SNS selfie all the time showing off a new plastic fake face hiding real ugly faces. I call that 'face fraud'.
All though I'm not checking none of them at , my fans report me,because those young ones are all obviously  COPYING ME,  thanks.

They are too much jealous of my extraordinary beauty, this is what they think and say now and then, and even now I 'm still the same and the're admiring for it, but gradually it turned out to be an ugly insane jealousy. It had happened since long time ago, but as they get older, not me though, they can't  controll their jealousy no more. They wanna have what I have, they wanna be like I am,  but they never can be. So they try to F curse me but they have never succeded it ,either. The more they try to pull me down, the more they realize I have a strong power.They love my charisma so much that they always copy what I do what I say and mirror it to their gig but never appereciate me. Moreover, they're lying not stealing those ideas from me, but  it's obvious that they steal every little thing I do.
I consider they are the energy vampire zombies and sorry to say it but they are psychopath.  Jealousy make you crazy, you know. Since it's the internet age,they form the group of people on the net/tabloids,
also TV/magazines and  purposely distorting  my true good character creating false stories in a horrible manner that does not represent me at all.
Needless to say they are  photoshop lover, what they do to me is exactly opposite of what they do for  making their very ugly face look like mid level ugly. My super human power beauty face,they  make it look a lot less beaury using shadows, wrong angle, or some kind of special effect or something. That is brainlessly very childish. No matter what they cause horrible,
in reality, I still look the same. I don't get age, either. What they are doing in fact is cursing only theselves.

Japanese entertainment industly is run by South Korean mafia.It seems like I am the only Japanese famous celebrrity. That is why they only have targeted me more so long time. They have tried to distort my good character, my name,my existence, and my face. Because they are ugly enough thinking about having a sergery, and they all have done, they can't take real beuty like myself. Thjey are CRAZY!this much.
I didn't know this circustances untill some years ago, and this is why they dislike the fact that I have a natural extraordinary beauty
(That's people say)and my wealthy back ground. Since this is something they CAN NEVER EVER HAVE FOREVER.

With all that's been said, their jealousy is the ugliest thing to see in the whole world. I have fought with this nasty energy all by myself, and overcame it. This energy related to jazbell spirit and Satan and illuminati and all.
Thank god, I have overcame from this Satan's trap, but his little army demon spirits do exist still, in Japanese girls hearts and South Korean souls.

I will show you how they manipulate their real ugly face with a sergery, putting some of their before after pics., for I can't take their manipulation no longer. Believe or not, Yahoo Japan is a part of this crime, purposely up those new sergery done faces of them represening like these are their real face which are not. Yahoo Japan is South Korean company, which likes make profit out of manipulative situation. They distort everything from good to bad, very ugly to mid ugly, and my beautiful face to be whatever they wanna show. This is a bully crime, time has come to vanish those criminals. the come around creating a trouble.
Those stalkers are under the influence of illuminati system without them knowing it and gangs are all over no matter what I do and every time I start to gig, they come around dropping a trouble. But now I must tell you that those curses will all go right back to them without affecting me at all. It did already happened before in 1998 with deceiving witch in Florida. This person stole my money for nearly $400.000, and she put me and my friend a horrible curse. And I returned that spell to her without knowing I'm doing it. I am a child of God, the creater of universe is always watching over me, so he helped me from futher harm. As a result, this witch got aged 15 years in 2 years, her back is hunched like a hunched man in a movie, her nose bended down like a witch in a snow white. It happened according to universal law.  She was a same age as me, but looked like in her 60's from that day on.  She looked at me saying 'I lost' in her mind, and said 'You are stunning ! goageous!' looking up to me admiring. I sometimes remember about this whole thing and kind of get the feeling that this girl wouldn't have been in this world anymore... But in case she's around, I want my money back that's another issue,you know.

I will show you how they trick oppsite of the truth. I take this as a crazy moran and insane acts. Jealousy is the thing you  should
never have in your heart, because Satan can get through you with that. 

The timing occured of natural disasters in Japan has been related to my feelings towards this country since I left to the U.S in decades ago. It's a crime what they have done to me,they back stub me, forgery, fraud, numeruous times it's hard to count, betrayed the entire situations in almost every gig I do, too much crimes of them not to be forgiven by God. And they'll be paid for that, soon.
Remember, I have written I am the only real child of God in celebrity world  to say the least.

I am a truth holder, and I have always lived with the truth.


沢山の酷いトラブルを私一人に仕掛け続けてきたことを公的に認めて謝罪するべきなのです。 ーー 私は本人ですが私しか書く人がいないので。

か、見るものを呪っているかのようですね。 私はそれを顔面詐欺と呼びます。





このストーカーどもは私がお仕事をすれば毎回どこからともなくやって来て必ず問題を作り出しマッチポンプを仕掛けた。 しかし私は弱らないので、その強さを見て最後には必ず何の関係もない私に全部その責任を負わせようとしてきたのがいつものパターンだ。







その返しの罰を受けます。私はもう止めませんよ、あなたがたの加害立場は長すぎた。 蛇のように執拗でワニのように冷酷だからです。




今までもそうでしたし今後も同じです。 そして、世界は日本だけではないということを忘れないほうが良いでしょう。




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更 にその盗用泥棒犯罪を隠蔽するためだけに悪意ある記事を主にYahooへ掲載し、掲載写真たちをも工作改竄してYahooのTOPに NegativeCampaignを表し、勝手に関連させる人物たちやYouTube、サクラブロガー、某掲示 板、やらせ検索、やらせ検索数、やらせ検索言葉などを用いて集団で私へのマイナスイメージ過小評価ネガティブキャンペーン・FalseRumorを繰り返 しながら繰り広げる陰謀工作なConspiracy行動もStop止めて下さ い。


フィヨルド・北欧、Scandinaviaスカンディネービア白夜の景色。 私の藍色コバルトブルー。~

書いておきますが私の真似などは出来ないので試みないのが身の為ですよ。 それらの勘違いパクリな思いは刀となりそちらへ返り、そちらが怪我をするだけです。) 


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