ポケモンGOは民間人を戦闘ロボットへと変換させるのではないか?Do they intend to transform civilians to their fighting robots with Pokemon appri? するとロシアでは全面的にポケモンGOが配信禁止されました。President Putin banned PokemonGO.completely in Russia on 22nd. Please read my articles :on July 20th, and 21st

As I stated about the concerns regarding to Pokemon Go on 20th and 21st,
Russian government had the same concerns as I wrote based on possible relation to american CIA. They had its investigation behind this game on 21st, they concluded this apprication works as a spy on organizations publically yet secretly. Therefore it was on Putin's hands whether prohabit in Russia, and the very next day, he had it close this deal completely that civilians are not allowed to download this game in Russia from 22nd on. Although when it comes to Russia, for this game is made in USA, the banning is stricted for their systematic security reasons. I suspected it since it first came out on the news that this game might related to american CIA as I already mentioned, though this game is Japanase and I like NINTENDO moreover I 'm not the enemy to the U.S.

My gut first told me its weirdeness by releasing only in the U.S, for this game
originally is made  in Japan. I saw some 'public actors/children' played before the camera on the news, that sceces to me they got very similar energy as gang stalkers that exist in Japan too, and it showed very much their creepiness. From that moment, I have suspected  this game might have been made out by american CIA, spying as a surveilance through civilians mobile phone. Having this appri and walk aroung means giving out every seconds of privacy both individually and  systematically in a subtle way which are against human will. Not just we are controlled under the surveilance every minuites of our behaviour, but without a notion we can be an unintentional spy on organizations that we live as to be their convienient puppets.

Then my biggest concern becomes reality that humans are going to be their brainless criminal robots
that someday we might fight against each other, if you are not aware of it, and forced to murder everytime they click the button, er, Pokemon Go! in this case. While they pretend every consequences are only made by human faults, it is them making humans violent as their wish. I'm not kidding.They are very good at hiding.

Honestly, I have always admired how Russia operates and Putin's achivements to his country. I don't have any kind of prejudis whatsoever, and now what I need to have the most is the kind of people who cheered Юлия Вячеславовна ЛипницкаяJulia LIPNITSKAIA when she was bullied by selfish Korean Ice skater 'Kim' that caused a traumatic problem to Russia and the sportsman ship of Ice skating
I do appreciate Russia and President Putin for their inveatigation about this game
, with this result I again show the world a proof that my intuition WAS RIGHT! 

I almost suggested Japanese government to stop releasing this game on 20th, and in fact I humbly did  the very next day on 21st.
Although I knew it won't stop, I gave it a try not to make another tragedy happens in this country.  Now it's on, and humans already got involved with some accidents here and there about 71 cases so far, just like I warned about.

In March 2011, I stated that we are
already in invisibe world war 3
, and I now think this truth might be soon revealed worldly and people may get involved fighting with this physically, because I take those continuous terro-attacks, including IS attacks, since last year in Europe as a part of WW3. It is very convienient for them if game appri is used as a click to push for sudden transformation from human being to war zombie robots. This,I AM NOT KIDDING.
In fact, that's I more concern about than just being controlled under the surveilance by americam /Japanese CIA.

You watch and see what's coming!  I'm serious, then you'll know I WAS RIGHT.
Meantime, I may play another NINTENDO pretty game, off line at home safely ...
















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