Everything I do, they wanna follow imitating. AKA:stealing identity/COPY/DUPLICATION and RIPPing OFF of me. OMG,that's a Fraud! 私の白真似と私存在を変えようとするこれらの詐欺について。

I put the picture around last Christmas wearing white blouse,then this time they FOLLOWED white 'clothes' as an imitatation act of my style. Copying my sense, wearing on TV/commercilas/SNS and so on.First of all,it was by wanna-be talent prostit**e Rola copied me as usual,wearing white cloths on TV. She has copied my style for making business out of me so many times so far, she is a felon. Other people who commit this crimes are include, talens,civilians,people in entertainment industry. With all that,this crime phenomina pretty much covers entier Japan.
Wearing white blouse.


Below is the other evidence I wrote about in Japanese a couple month ago. My picture is the musical scene from my leading movie. then they made a CM mocking my movie scene.

Me in a movie with school uniform.

Their imitational zombie act.

Another one but not limited to those, is the picture with my natural long hair tied high up, Then again this Rola imitated me with a FAKE extention hair tied high up,she has short hair, with FAKE eyeballs, plastic surgeried face and wearing My BLUE.

Me, in my blue.

This with Pony tail with my real hair.Natural face without any PLASTIC SURGERY, like many others HAD. Mine is always NATURAL. WELL,That's MY CASE,though.

Me, in a MOVIE.

Rola. right after I put my pony tail pic, she copied my style. Her pony tail with extention FAKE hair. Plastic surgeried done FAKE face with lots of make-up while I AM all NATURAL.

There was another prostitute who mocked my STYLE for free CM. This one below.

Consequently, these CMs are on aired at the same timing. Because they both IMITATED my style THE SAME TIME right after my pic came out on my page.I MADE A ROADSHOW MOVIE FOR A THEATER and the pic was from the scene, WHILE theirs was made with half of a day as a free CM and it's just for10-15 seconds. You see How narcissistic ACT it is. Also, making CM with Japanese spocers means they and their agents get paid a lot. Meaning, it's a crime of ripp off of me,my idea and my style . They do this commit this crime a lot, only FROM ME!

Now,these are only small
evidence out of many. They have made many incidents as crime cases. They are not suspects. they are FELONS.They STALK /imitate/duplicate/copy my style in both inside and out, They even try to copy my sweet ^^character, but nonetheless they always FAIL.
While they try to mock my everything,
in order to STEAL my energy by doing it, try also to destroy my sweet/nice character for replacing it as theirs.This stealing act started since 1980! this is as bad as they make HUMAN CLONING. They are making MY ENERGY CLONING. Yes, nobody would know it untill NOW, this is a new CRIME staff they came up with MY EXISTENCE.

Their girls are the cyborg plastic surgeried robot fraud, making their ugly faces changed with surgery as a base, add to it, photoshopping and manipulate their true identity which is ugly nature Way-upgrading their faces as if they can forget their faces they were born with. Opposite to that act, my face has always natural I NEVER HAD ANY SURGERIES SINCE milions year ago.
They have tried to manipulate my face to opposite the truth just like they are doing to themselves to make themselves look better, but in my case in a bad way. They retouch their faces from incredibly ugly to very ugly,overestimating. My extra ordinary beautiful face to beautiful, underestimating. They like switching the reality,you know.
--------I have kept inside abour this crime for too long, I am too nice/sweet and caring to live in this MONSTER WORLD. But I am not tolerent anymore in order to make the CHANGE in this world in a sence of saving humanity. I will not let them run away from THIS REAL CRIMES. So I explain very calmly but the TRUTH could be HARSH. It's their problem, NOT MINE. Ok.
They are so insanely and nardly jealous of me, because of the blessings I completely HAVE. They are being serious psychopath-narccicists especially when it comes TO ME. They don't even care of their lives try to be nobody being anonymous so that they can write FAKE jealousy stories of mine all the time within the dark web site networks where they actually live like roaches. They are very naturally ugly creatures inside and out. Even try deleting the evidence of their borned with natural ugly faces by committing face FRAUD. Being on TV with new masks tricking civilians making milions with their co-criminals ANA:talent agents, which is a felony crime. I may wanna suggest surgeons to write a detal book about them with their nemes.I wonder they paid fortune earned by being a prosti***s. Yet they can't help but following me for what I do. Even I am a totally defferent living angelin high frequency. They are schizophlanic narccicists like I told you before. Wanting my MIDAS TOUCH in illegal way to make a business out of me as a ripping off. This is sure felony crimes.
From MidasTouch
people always imitate me whatever I do and say. They wanna be ME. They try to switch my blessings to their own by STEALING my energy and IDENTITY, but they never succeed. Commiting this crime even by manipulating my real figure using pictures do not look like myself. WITHOUT MY PERMISSION they photoshop my real face/existence in bad way. They use Yahoo/Google/some of YouTube posts unproffesionally , of course evil tabloids as well and so on. They are all within one network.
Everything they represent about me is all FAKE, with FAKE pictures this is what they have done to me for those long years.
This is the reason I don't search myself through net news nor real of the articles because they make only FAKE NEWS, Stealing identity crime is only happening TO ME because I am the money making Tree. Since I am the only who has a MIDAS TOUCH in the world makes their FELONY crime hard to recognized. They use this blindness of humanity to complete their crime which is their set-up TRAP to the Earth.
They are the ugliest monsters on this planet. While challenging distort my true existence by making FAKE news/FAKE pictures of mine,they try to delete naturally borned with ugly faces. Illegaly trying making milions with their FAKE masks on TV manipulating civilians,I call this act as the case of felony face FRAUD, Making entertainment businesses with rich famous Japanese companies that I used to work with ,like taking chances on purpose from me, with by just ripping off of my existence/idea/behavior/thoughts/words
 are the most serious horrible felony death penality crime on this planet you can ever imagine. This sucking energy crime equals to suffocate someone to death. It is just me that survived. That does not make their crime lighter.
Like I wrote yesterday,they all make a living OUT OF MY POWER/ENERGY. If they are appreciative towards me, that's fine, it circulates good energy. If they are just being bottomless pit never satisfy trying to suck in everything but disrespect me in return, then they wll all LOOSE.

What they have created false stories about me  with MEDIA is ALWAYS OPPOSITE THE TRUTH. Putting fake pictures too in order to match whatever the fake stories they make. Just put pack of lies with my name on it,tricking readers as if their FAKE articles of mine are true stories which are NOT. They purposely pick wrong one to bully you. My lawyer said the same thing what I have said many times.They pick up 0.000000000000000001 wrong seconds,out of my 30 years, doesn't look like me in the first place and add some retouchment with tolls they proffesionaly have, making my face way defferent than real. They do it in natural way, but it is not natural AT ALL. I suspect they pull my chin bigger,or remove the shodow of nose,or putting some unnessary fake shadow instead,or maybe everything,Making my face completely DEFFERENT! I show you in below. Make a totally defferent impression from my real nice fragile energy, I feel they have made fake rumors that maches fake stories on SNS, they are all in the same GROUP.
They can even manipulate the screen on TV at studio,did you know it? Now you know, which THEY DID it to me in 2006 & 2009. Of cource, they put those pictures on TOP of Yahoo in so-called my page. I have never looked myself, for I knwo they are not MY FACES at all. JUst a note,it's happening ONLY TO ME. This is what the main stream media in Japan is. They are the monsters mentally ILL psychopaths,so.

And now,I have to write about their secrets what they have really focused on. It's the ENERGY and frequency about which they really care. They want my energy the most.THEY CRAVE MY ENERGY, They want somebody's pure energy like MINE in order for them to survive! 
They don't want you to know about the energy how it WORKS. I am very susceptible and intuitively FEEL so I KNOW IT. That's why THEY HAVE GANG STALKED ME all the time FOR those LONG YEARS. They need my energy to DISTORT themselves look like a human when they are not.
At the same time,they can't let people REALIZE that MY ENERGY is the GOD'S FREQUENCY, I have GOD's frequency in me. If you notice this in me, you will be able to see GOD right through me.-- I got chill just now as I write,
You see, THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING THEY WANNA HIDE about. They DISTORT MY ENERGY because this is how they STEAL my energy they crave so much. I call it MY ENERGY CLONING. Trying to replace their lower frequency to my high frequency  .breaking God's Frequency using my existence. They use to want me end up myself. But now they KNOW I WON'T DO IT. I WON'T commit suis*** or anything, so they are in trouble. BECAUSE I ALREADY WON OVER THIS MIND WAR.
They wanna have ME to make GOD stay inside of their HANDS! They want MY UNIVERSAL POWER,then it comes to Network to use. Spider web is a very convienient tools for them to manipulate controlling people. They hide their names making sheeple to believe whatever they write as FAKE news about me. Controlling people's minds.
Did you know Yahoo Japan/Google Japan/Maybe Google France/some parts of Japanese You tube are all under influence of Korean cults. They are not Japanese but Zapanese. Just for the imformation, Japanese societies are INVADED by Korean criminals taken advantage of real Japanese. Protting a trap to soul catch of good people, spreading their dark web like roaches would invade. Truth is hursh, so words to describe them also become hursh. It's not me,of course.
Did you know it's the MIND WAR we are in now.We are in the middle of mind/energy War.Did you know it, maybe you didn't, noe you know. I have written and told them in Japanese from time to time, but this time really serious.This crime is against human rights. Stealing identity/energy/faces/and charachters. It's a character assacination, as well as energy feild assacination. Their crime has finally escalated to purposely put aother person's pic under my name to mingle the truth with lies. They never succeed STEALING IDENTITY act but they are trying.
They are the proffesional LIARS,no wonder it's so easy for them to make my picture weird.
Also,if I explain of girly staff, they are crazily bullily jealous of my long straight shiny hair,too. This is why they purposely put only my those short haired pics on TOP og my page to manipulate MY real figure. I always have my hair LONG. I had this press conference with short ones only for once and was just for 3 months period, as my hair grow fast, out of my 40 years of carrer!  they purposely CHOSE only those as TOP profile pics to distort my real image, which is they say I have a beautiful long shiny hair. Why they are doing it? because THEY CAN NEVER HAD THIS LONG HAIR! Jealousy is making them more ugly, HURSH TRUTH. Now you know what they have done to me for those long years are ALL FAKE and WRONG. I have just silenced about it, how sweet and nice I am. No more BULLINESS,and I call them seriously mentally broken brainless creatures.

These pictures below, 
How dare you distort my true self, awful! These are not me at all.
Who are these????!
                     At least these are  NOT ME, at all!

People who made thisPICTURES putting my name on those are the UGLIEST CREATURE INSIDE AND OUT ON the WHOLE PLANETS!!! Ewwwwwwwwwww. F crazy insane PERVERT.

THESE ARE NOT me at all! So weird.
Everything SHOULD BE DELETED. None of them don(t represent me at all. I didn't know how terrible it is, for I don't check on myself!! because what they are doing for long years is so WRONG!
9wH5WJ8z6Pm5mpPV3BnQY4euD05xLcjDd7OewhcSI-.jpg  yj.jpg 20150414_ri_23.jpg黄色 しろスマ

And they would continue lying saying, oh, Marie has changed or something, Pfffff in your dream!!
It's THEIR F LIES, very duscustin
g.They have no love,it's only JEALOUSY THAT EXISTS. tHEY PICK ONLYthose deos not look like me, moreover THEY WORK ON THOSE TO MAKE MY FACE DISTORTED.They are as crazy and ugly as repitilians.They fond of sucking pure energy like mine and pure person to be mislead like my self. UNIVERSE IS GONNA BUST THEM ALL!

DEAR WORLD, this is whta they do if your not PROSTITUTE, AND REALLY BEAUTIFUL.
JUST REMEMBER IT. They are all psychopath! soul catcher, VIOLENT YAKUZA SOUL.BUt if they are really YAKUZA, they wouldn't do it. THEY ARE JEALOUSY BITCHES THAT DOING THIS.FEEL this ugly energy! to distort my EXISTENCE.

これらは全て全部何らかの細工をなしている。あごを引き伸ばしたか横に膨らましたか、光で飛ばして私の高い鼻を無くしたか、逆に変な影を落として印象を曲げたか、あるいはこの全てをやり尽くして工作している! あなたがたの妬み嫉みのきちがい異常は末恐ろしいほどに日本をも呪っている。あなたがたの頭の悪さと勘違いなブス・ナルシストは先祖譲りか。これらの写真を使用するのもYahoo・Googleの載せるのもYouTube内で使用するのも全ては著作権、肖像権の侵害となり犯罪であり





顔だけでなく、エネルギーがまるで違う!!どこの人だ? 全てが全くの別人だ!そんなことは誰もが判ることだ。日本の男も本当の美人さんには急に変態じみたことをするからな。男なのに妬み嫉みが出る。きCHがいかも知れないね。こんな国、世界が相手にはしないだろう。私が告げてやる!お前らの脳天には必ずブーメランが突き刺さり死ぬからな!
うやったら同一人物だと思うんだ?お前らは整形しすぎて顔面工事をし過ぎて、ナチュラルな顔さえも判らないのだろうか。 きちがいである。

シドニー ゴールドコースト



この犯人らは私の長い髪にまで妬み嫉みで、私のような長い綺麗なつや髪を持てないという理由だけで、40年近いキャリアの中でたった5ヶ月ほどだけだったショートものだけを故意に選んでいるこれらはそれだけ内面も外見も醜い変質女らきちがいであるということ。それらの髪が育たない髪が汚い、など、私には関係ない! そちらだけで嘆いてろということです。





GED SINCE 17. I am forever 24.~~ 

シドニー ゴールドコースト

a couple months ago.


I was twenty.

The end of 2016
white03 Victor



薔薇 横目



You see, how real me and my enrgy is totally defferent from those pics in A)
,They made my face distored like a black magic they are proffesional of manipulation. They do it as they BREATH.

Did you know'they' here are mostly Korean and Japnese who are under conrolled of Korean cults that are created by devil worshipers of the Earth. They are all EVILS but will never ever get run away from this crimes.Very discusting CREATURES came from lower dementions including plaidator non humans. Also,this is the basic idea of SNOW appication by Apple. They wanna switch their ugly position to my high class position, Underestimating me,overestimating them. They want people to mingle in a filthy way. They don't care because their self-esteem is low. I call it self-distructive.
They tried to switch my face on purpose, very insane.
Below is not my pic, and  is some Korean's.

BTW, if from this paragraph forth appeared in pinkish color,I did not do it. I will never know until it's up. And I may not be able to change back to its blue. But if it remains as blue,don't bother.

And this one time, they also imitate my profile with their ugly colleague, pretending imitating me. But NO way they can do that. I heard they made an article about how to make a nice profile. Pfffffffffff wuth their ugly surgeried face?  They said this plastic surgeried face is good. In their insane dream. Her nose apparently is done it. Not nice at all, rather as WEIRD as FLOGS.Look at her stupid unnatural nose andLIPS Ewwwwwwwww.


They tried to mock MY BEAUTIFUL PROFILE which they never can, because they are so ugly!,
I am glad you now know what I have been throgh. They are as UGLY as HELL INSIDE AND OUT!

These are natural face of mine they tried so hard to imitate, ONLY TO BE FAILED.Theyare crazy,out of their minds.Their brains are MELTED by THEIR F lies.











Also,I never retouch tool to make myself like this one did.
Real face 
to FAKE face. Ewwwwww. ブスは写真で嘘を作りこむ。
c7050eec.png ===>  eec656d0-s3.png

ものすごいブスを整形と化粧でかなりのブス止まりへ。これでも過大評価。 そして私という美人さんには同じように、しかも逆PHOTOSHOPで過小評価か。 あ? そして工作で逆に誰だか判らない顔へ。え?そしてお前らが欲しくて堪らない私エネルギーも、まるで別人のように波長さえも変えて陰謀工作だ、ってか。

Like a
black magic so-called retouchment done with magic tools which is in realty sama as plastic surgery and they had it already with surgery with surgeon.They never satisfy making their face FAKE.

Oh, then they never forget to make their body FAKE,too.
Real body on the left to FAKE body on the RIGHT. THIS ONE is  F LIAR. This one thinks she can MANIPULATE people. What a dumn MORAN. No one should believe this BIT**H. right, Kei?
犯罪者は必ず尻尾を残し証拠を残すよね。頭悪い。 この写真は一生残るよ。
This fake, they do a LOT, just like they construct their face/bone structure with surgeon.
I call this act 'face fraud',didn't I tell you this, YES I did. and this same people manipulates my face. THAT IS WHY I AM PASSINATELY EXPLAINIG HOW THEY ARE FUCK*** CRIMINALS.

That's been said, ENOUGH OF UGLY DUMN LIAR CREATURES.Belows are my real faces without any surgery like THEY DID nor retouchment as THEY DO. No selfie make-up nor photoshop retouching,either.  OK, I think I explained it all.
MIne is all natural as you KNOW IT. My hair is always long.








Singapore Marina Bay Sands 002427d9d.jpg

I meant
writing this is because I need to STOP them from commiting this ugly narccicitic behavior crimes controlled by devil  and devil worshiper. They have made this world upside down!
At least they should not relate to my existence whatsoever.DO NOT COPY ME ALL THE TIME BY gang stalking me, idiots.
I  AM TOTALLY DEFFERENT BEING from those PROSTITUTES with FAKE FACE and pack of lies, living in defferent FREQUENCY. Mine is way higher than those creatures.

I sometimes wonder why I was even born to the country where I happened to be born. Well, that's because I meant here to help and awaken people from coma as an angel.
I also have always been the same, Forever 24.^^
They never be able to put universal God nor children of God inside their box, People soon will  realize GOD'S frequency I have, because I have already won!
God will in time show up as well as Anti-Christ --I will write something about it tomorrow, though-- My memories since the age of Atlantis started to talk to me a lot since this February.



~~ 本当に可哀想なことですね。~~




それを今、世界にも伝えておきましたね。^:^ 予定変更で日本語でも書いたがね。



~~ 今年の2月から、アトランティス時代からの存在である私の魂が記憶として富に話しかけて来ているのです。

                          Marie Ishihara 石原真理子
 STOP Cloning of my energy、DNA&frequency. I know I am the only one you guys are concentrate on sucking and duplicate the energy from.  It is a serious crime and deadly disgusting.




シドニー ゴールドコースト








  私の思想・アイディアの全てや一部および単語をなぞり真似ることでビジネス活用をするのは盗用犯罪ですので止めなさい。そして思想盗用泥棒をしている この犯行事実を隠蔽するためだけに、私の名前を無断に使用した事実無根の悪意ある記事を作成するのも止めなさい。YahooやGoogleなどでそれらの 記事を故意に羅列させて過小評価を施すのも名誉毀損の犯罪です。また、その際の掲載写真たちをも工作改竄してYahooのTOPに NegativeCampaignを表すのは止めなさい。加えて私に勝手に関連 させている人物たちのほとんどが実際には何の関係もない人物たちであり、私の名前に肖りレベルの違う人達を上に見せようと売名するのは止めなさい。イメー ジダウンを図るのは営業妨害です。また、YouTube、サクラブロガー、某掲示 板、やらせ検索、やらせ検索数、やらせ検索言葉などを用いて集団で私へのマイナスイメージを掲げるために過小評価ネガティブキャンペーンを行うのは許され ないことです。FalseRumor を繰り返 しながら陰謀工作を行うConspiracy行動はStop止めて下さ い。



もっと良い写真あるけどね、物体ないのでまた今度。^^ 勿論、私は他の方々とは違い何の修正もしないです。




2014100821572126c (2)

Singapore Marina Bay Sands


尚、 これはあなたがたがこれまで長年に渡り行ってきた数々の非情な物事に対する私のまともなリアクションであり、どうしてどうしてとても優しい私が遂にここに きて何十年か後になりこのように新しいエピソードを交えてその犯罪を伝えているのですから、そろそろその執拗なストーキングパクリを止めて下さい。

















鏡 2


More 1




フィヨルド・北欧、Scandinaviaスカンディネービア白夜の景色。 私の藍色コバルトブルー。~
書いておきますが私の真似などは出来ないので試みないのが身の為ですよ。 それらの勘違いパクリな思いは刀となりそちらへ返り、そちらが怪我をするだけです。



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