Justin Bieber advertised Softbank, the Korean mobile company that tries representing itself as Japanese to earn its reputation。ソフトバンクがまた私を真似パクリし、締切は5月31日とかと謡いやらせ便乗をしていたので。

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-Justin Bieber happened to advertise Softbank,the company
which has ripped me off so many times try to represent itself as Japanese company just so earning its reputation to earn benifits of world share mobile communication service. I bet he didn't know this and Mr Son is not Japanese but Korean.I had to note it becuse to me this one has a a criminal history that always mob my everything making profits by imitating me. Of cource it's without any authorizational care.
They have stolen so many of my originals especially in the last 7 years I've never given them any permissions whatsoever.This is the same company that took over American mobile company, has copied my every ideas creating gigs out of me. It has developed as Japanese brand but in fact it is not. Softbank has made a profits out of me paid to Justin, that makes in reality Justin was hired by me. Awkward.~^^ Did Justin fall into their side of dark rings. I wonder. Becuse they are the predators.

Justin could have been on CM in 2010, 2015, or 2016 when he was here or any other year, he could have done it . BUT why not until this Spring then?
BECAUSE I didn't write his name until last year.Then I wrote about him visited Japan secretly with his former GF last Summer, then the attention for him went high~~up. They started to feel interested enough in Justin to put him on commercial afterwards. Before last Fall,they considered hin as just for the young fellows. The incident first happened right after I put the song of Lionel Richie from Summer Olympics of 1984 since they saw me posted his song led to his daughter whom Justin dated at that time. I said this two will be soon fall apart in 2016 and it did. I'm just a clairvoyant, that's all.^^
I never knew Nocole had her sister, is that her step sis.
Anyway, I didn't know Justin is with Universal Records,either. Oh~, the dots are connected again here. Universl Music Japan is based on the agency that scouted me when I was 16 for a leading role of later became a major movie. They got me to the entertainment business since then. This movie strated shooting only two weeks of me discovered and I became a huge star since then.^^; -- Sorry,I have to write this by myself,since they make many of FAKE stories opposite to the truth of my thjis higher position out of jealous. They are too jealous all the time to admit who I really am. If I continue being humble like I have been, then I would be killed, so it can't be helped but tell the truth as it is and this is my way of self defense. Go back to the story of my former agency, to which I was belong got complicated with other agencies by having me as a star, power suruggling problems occur and gradually being taken over by American/ English records company and now it's under the Unversal group called Universal Music Japan. I made a record with before it's merged.
What I wanna emphasis now is that I feel very funny because right after I put Lionel song, everything had started to happen. They became attentive to Justin and he bebame more recognizable in Japan, thus, he is now on CM.
Just like the phenomina I made with Cold Play, Sting and Linkin Park right after I mentioned their names and songs, these singers were called to Japan and held concerts.

Seriously, this is why I call their theft as ENERGY CLONING OF MINE. They are as persistant as snake when it comes to my enerything.They are so interested in whatever I mention about. I am accusing them calmly for they have done all these theft businesses without any respect for me. Looking like merely problems are in fact serious crimes since it is a harrassment violating human rights and I have all evidences. Softbank and DENTSU are the huge part of the source taking over my share,hindering my beautiful gigs being recognized as mine. They are trying underestimating me while they are busy imitating/copy/stealing everything from me.  Just aiming make their profits out of my originals and hide this crimes. I won't let them, though,they just wanna drain me down. I am a boom maker, I make everything I touch very famous since I have a Midas Touch, they know it. They think I am the money making tree.They are insanely jealous of my talents and abilities. They are seriously resposible for these unlimited thefts ripping me off of everything I do. They are right about who I am they never say to the world but yes, I am the Christ descended DNA being and I have a Midas Touch. I deserve to be paid for the treasures I have and for which they always copy and steal.

Mundanely,Japanese entertainment industry & Government that is part sponcered by DENTSU and Devil worshiper Cults owe me a 5 billions at least, whereas Hollywood owe me a 100 millions.
They benefitted more than 100's of billions by imitatimg my energy everywhere. Like I wrote,the agency that scouted me in Japan is now the foundation of Universal Music Japan and is non stoppingly always creating the energy cloning of mine ,by mentioning my name /my energy in SONGS /MVs. P
utting my energy into those songs to make people see me making profit by saling those records. Song writers also have cloned my energy with or without using my name Mariko/Marie in their SONGS. Some of them have showed their gratitude to me but mostly not, they just want to get rich by using my name/energy,making them success in heartless illegal way. People see me in their songs therefore people BUY CD's. It is their only way of making money ripping me off. They do this all over the world making this world look like good place sacrificing my pure energy. I DON'T ALLOW IT, NO MORE. I have contributed many things in various way, they just have to admit it make a better respectful world. Without a heart, this Earth continue to be a place with full of an evil-criminal intentions human like fake beings.

Softbankがまた真似ていたものだからね。ーー 私の二極化新地球入りへの選択、「〆切・締切り」は4月30日と書いていたのを真似して、便乗パクリで締切は5月31日まで、などと謳っていたハードなはげバンク。これも例による私言葉のパクリ真似であるわけです。





追記あり:再度、競泳男子の記録更新、祝メダル!1964年Tokyo、1994年Lillehammer, そして1984年のLosAngelesOlympics.Lionel&MuhammedAli.ライオネル・リッチーとモハメッド・アリ

先日に書いていたライオネル・リッチー。ジャスティンの新女さんは娘さん?記述直後に来日も。 ーーところで何処かの人たちの中で少数が激太りだと? 一方、私は変わらないので嘘の記述は止めるように。

事象としてのみ成立した宣伝であったことが判るわけです。--判りましたね? だからこの子をわざと当時はフィーチャーしていたよ。それも私がライオネルの曲を載せたからに他ならない流れでした。ーーそして子供を調べてジャスティンにも行き着き、注目をし始めて宣伝を始めたのです。しかし別れたので、ジャスティンだけへの注目が残り今CMに出演しているから今年の春からの出演ですよ。ほら、昨年の春はまだ私がジャスティンのことを書いていなかったからね。
I watched Los Angeles 84 olympic games in Hawaii. 思い出の曲たち、主にハワイ絡みの1984年もの。 ーー「記憶」は「証拠」。 記憶無き人および記憶を曲げる嘘つき勢力には用心を。~

一部の若者向けタレントとしか捉えていなかったジャスティンのことを、私が掲載したその流れであのバンクのはげが食いつき、CMへと出演させて学生を精神失患へと誘いジャスティンに私のお陰で若者が着やすくなった着物を着せたわけです。少しは謝礼でも払いなさい。 如何ですかね、孫社長さん。

これで今度はライオネルを呼ぼうものなら、あ~~駄目だこりゃこりゃ、外タレ謝礼金は一律500万だからね。-- そして電通がまた私をパクリ真似た「あ~こりゃこりゃ」のカルピスCMをまたもや放送再開しましたよ。アサヒさん、このしつこい電通にクレームを出し処罰して私に経緯と謝礼を払わさせて下さい。

BTW Justin, I was worried about you at some point how is everything after you got problem in Miami and people tried to deport you. Has it going OK with you, have they ever manipulated your emotions torn between real and phony with the sense of them intimidating you. Experienced kinda invisible pressure you may have gone through or you totally within that system by now.
Something we have in common even though the outcome may seems different in current situtions after dealt with/without them.Do you consider this criminal acts of Softbank seems to sacfice my existenece,or it doesn't matter this kind of issues anymore to you.
The Earth puts an end of NWO, leads good people to gather up as new correct one world like I have written warning before already. I am gathering the people of new illuminating light beings is what I have been doing here.
I wonder where you stand from now on, Justin?

My blue energy has still spreading all over including the uniform of Raphael Nadal tennis player I cheered up since 2015. He just won of FRENCH OP 2017 this weekend. I hav
e spread my nordic super woman energy all over the world .~This phenomina started right after I put this picture like I wrote it in the Fall of 2015, wearing Kimono in Scandinavia with the blue light back ground.
Justin wore the Kimono this time on CM.

I bet he didn't know this zombie acts of cult company Softbank. But now being informed this truth, Justin would you like to tell them to apologize me for their thefts and show some gratitude to what I have contributed them enough to put you on CM,giving you out some digits?^^
What do you think about it and how you liked your Kimono.~

From later this week,the new post will be always up on the third article on. I put back the articles of Zeus Christ and my Hollywood history with some chosen episodes but not limited to including my ex Paul Walker,as first and second article. My gigs in Hollywood still continue and will make major treasuring movies in the future as well.
For now I leave the urls here.

-- Zeus came alive with my assistant and he is now Zeus Christ.
.I made the core of hidden secretive universal source power ACTIVATED. Have to announce I let Zeus resurrected as'ZEUS'Christ.I'm one of 144K。My
blue,Scandinavia/Nordic,Atlantis and Antarctic memories. 私はゼウスを復活させたようです.彼はゼウス・クライスト。

-- Hollywood needs good transformations, I make the world better with full of shiny beings。~
89th Academy Awards. Justin Timberlake and Nsync? Oh,yeah, BECAUSE I had written about him! Right. They stalk my soul and read my blog.

                     Mariko/ Marie Ishihara 石原真理子
 STOP Cloning of my energy、DNA&frequency. I know I am the only one you guys are concentrate on sucking and duplicate the energy from.  It is a serious crime and deadly disgusting.




シドニー ゴールドコースト









  私の思想・アイディアの全てや一部および単語をなぞり真似ることでビジネス活用をするのは盗用犯罪ですので止めなさい。そして思想盗用泥棒をしている この犯行事実を隠蔽するためだけに、私の名前を無断に使用した事実無根の悪意ある記事を作成するのも止めなさい。YahooやGoogleなどでそれらの 記事を故意に羅列させて過小評価を施すのも名誉毀損の犯罪です。また、その際の掲載写真たちをも工作改竄してYahooのTOPに NegativeCampaignを表すのは止めなさい。加えて私に勝手に関連 させている人物たちのほとんどが実際には何の関係もない人物たちであり、私の名前に肖りレベルの違う人達を上に見せようと売名するのは止めなさい。イメー ジダウンを図るのは営業妨害です。また、YouTube、サクラブロガー、某掲示 板、やらせ検索、やらせ検索数、やらせ検索言葉などを用いて集団で私へのマイナスイメージを掲げるために過小評価ネガティブキャンペーンを行うのは許され ないことです。FalseRumor を繰り返 しながら陰謀工作を行うConspiracy行動はStop止めて下さ い。



もっと良い写真あるけどね、物体ないのでまた今度。^^ 勿論、私は他の方々とは違い何の修正もしないです。




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Singapore Marina Bay Sands


尚、 これはあなたがたがこれまで長年に渡り行ってきた数々の非情な物事に対する私のまともなリアクションであり、どうしてどうしてとても優しい私が遂にここに きて何十年か後になりこのように新しいエピソードを交えてその犯罪を伝えているのですから、そろそろその執拗なストーキングパクリを止めて下さい。

















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フィヨルド・北欧、Scandinaviaスカンディネービア白夜の景色。 私の藍色コバルトブルー。~
書いておきますが私の真似などは出来ないので試みないのが身の為ですよ。 それらの勘違いパクリな思いは刀となりそちらへ返り、そちらが怪我をするだけです。



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