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追記あり。Added videos: Justin Bieber, I let the world witness Justin's love for me. Stop satan to distruct him from loving me so much. .

Nobody knew who I went out with until I say so. Everybody knew all the songs that singer made was all about me, yet nobody knew another singer who I went out with did write a song called 'Marilyne' for me,because I didn't tell people so. I went out with this comedian but nobody noticed because I'm not showing off typed person and I'm a star so kept it in secret.
I fed up with this secrecy entertainment world and people who are wiling to promote ugly female hooke*s using some famous people names.
They use us for making fortune yet treating us like their slaves demnading us to sale our souls. Not allowing us continuously work securely if we don't throw our souls away. This is nothing but against human will so I refuse. Never have sold my soul and this is my soul therefore it is in God's hands. There are so many ways God created for me to keep going with my career without saling my soul because God is greater than Satan.Now I'm writing timely some part of our bond, it's about Justin and me. So what, I'm serious about this, so fuck it.
Everytime he declares his love for me, something pulls him back. He is serious enough to think about living together with me having a house to protect us. Then they bullily reject it making the news huge on purpose started to call him homeless. Trying to break his confidence longing for our LOVE. Samething had happened when he showed his love to me on 18th by posting 'Nothing into something' and coffee scene, they try to hook him up with one hook*r on 19th, but they FAILED. No apology when he confronted about it on Oct 3rd with that woman Paps. He said he will always love me on 27th, then they used another hooke*r to hook him up the same NIGHT. But he was not into it. He wanted to have a house then they made an exagerated negative news about it that day,trying to make him look like a lesser god and let him forced to go to the church BUT with the same ugly hook*r, so that stupid media can write making that ugly prostitut* looks like his new one, WHICH IS NOT! It's all happened on Sep 27th, THE SAME DAY they called him homeless, the same day HE SAID HE WILL ALWAYS LOVE ME. Me, the Marie. I can see nothing but the evilness in all of their F work. It is so horrible the way they try to interfere his career, IT IS OBVIOUSLY manmade job.

They are making him seeing me in another. That's why all the sudden this wanna be actress came up FIRST TIME ON SEP 27th to bother our TRUE LOVE. Because I'm an 'actress', and I'm from different country, so they picked some Mexican who wants to be an actress.There you go. **
**Besides I was feeling Paul who is in heaven might have involved in this from the strat in a good meaning, and also testing Justin this time if he can be really good to me, which Justin is. They picked up this hooke*
from trush box made this one's name like a reminser of Paul -- but that one is Mexican, it this a fake immigrant name or what, since a couple of years ago I feel?-- to make some other conspiracies act 'they' intend to cause towards Justin and me. They work in advance like I TOO always predict in advance, you know. IT'S ALL PLANNED before hand.

They stalk my traits making an enegy cloning here again but it won't work, I'm telling you. With this, I feel as if they are working according to their hidden policy? it might be like this: closer demon than distant angel. Huh, am I right, satan?
Justin's bond with me is strong enough not to fall into, thank GOD! But I worry, so I decided to let the world witness this evil WORK of them. the world that hates ETERNAL LOVE. He is not interested in that prostit* whatsoever! Him just being some confused state, but it will be alright I'm hoping. 
He looked very absent souled on the night of Oct 4th, because deep down, he didn't wanna be there!  Somebody used alcohol to controll his love for me.Then Satan uses church to distruct him.



そして昨日彼はあるパーティーに行きましたが、それがとても不自然です。見た目も全く違っていて、オーラも小さければ体も小さい。 誰か、彼に隠れて気づかれないように変なものでも飲ませたのではないかと想うほどに別人です。そしてこれを教会という文字を交えて見せているのが完全におかしいのです。彼から
He looked very different like totally different to me, like his aura got way smaller as well as his body, and I see some strangeness in him. Did somebody put some kind of unaware drugged on him?  I don't get this BD party. What was it exctly? Scary...


I'm fighting it with you, Jus, you keep 'that' thing I 'gave you' and hold close as protection. You gatta fight off of this, they can curse you but don't let yourself curse on yourself. Then their curses will never ever work on you!
We have to defeat Satan, you can't help change the world if you don't help yourself first.
Everything else is blur,it's a mission we have to complete. Don't you remember what we talked in heaven before we come down to this earth. I don't care what reaction I get from this sit*y world, I just give it a shot. Needed to reminds you urgently how serious I am about this not only talking to you in person but also in this box to leave it forever everyone to see.
You look fool man, the more you look fool the more better for THEM, that's entertainment media works. Yucky. They praise female if she is a Bitc*y ugly Jazebel possessed filthy prostit*te, like the one who bothered Justin the other night at church, because then they can make this world fucked up full of NARCISSISTS who have no brains but the conflicts. It's the Jazebell bitc* spirit's WORK. What a filthy demon spirit that creature is. Sorry for this objective honest truth but I can't help it to address it.
We have Jesus in us so you have to know and Jesus didn't tell us to craete churchs.
Church wouldn't do any good for us these days. System, system, system, systhematic leads to unwarm heartless effect on us. Might have created only for distructing real christian souls. I'm not against any church, though what's happening to Vetican. Wake up, wake up, wake up Justin. It's the story about the beautiful place where our souls belong. Come back home to us.
Again, watch out and hold close 'that thing' that was in the 'box' I gave you for your protection.
Don't go right go back to where you were gradually and eventually. I don't want that happened,ok.
It's not too good to be true stuff. I hate when people get that stage and get PARANOIA. I have to call it crazy psycho atitude. Satan works on your mind, you see. My words are all true, it's the unremovable truth like the universe does exist.
No doubt, never ever, It's going to be all fine, you will over come this huge test from God, when you really have Jusus in you and trust in me.
Ok it's enough to show to the world, we continue talking in person, not in here.
I fight with you to take good care of your soul.
These are the small parts of him showing his love for me. It's not limited to tough. It's already out there in universe. ~Wait for you to come home in hurry.--

Coffee for him and me. コーヒーを私とジャスのために、だそうです。~

「Night」 Posted on Sep 12th in the morning, California time 7am. My time 23pm. 現地の朝に、私へのお休み挨拶。

Sep 16th, Justin singing 'Ill be' in Laguna beach. Justin, if something ever happens to us. you can't sing this song anymore, are you aware? because this song will have no meaning to you...

He really wanted to hide it for not making me worried.  Sep 19th. 私に心配をさせないようにカメラを止めてくれた訳です。
049~2カメラ IMG_104~2ゆび 

I exploded, ^^ then he recorded thisONLY for ME and posted on his page.Hollywood news made a news video saying 'who is he talking about in this song?' Hahaha, it's ME.~~


 Sep 19th,

こちらは別のニュースで、この新曲のことを報道しています。This is different site about his new song.

Live on the night of Sep 12th, he gave me a sign. そして生放送で鼻触りのサイン。

司会 Jus引き


「Nothing into something」 On Sep 17th, after I wrote about Justin has been answring to me,thing. 彼との交流が開始されたと明確に書いてから、「僕は今、僕が婚約をしたということを聞いたのかな」という歌をUPしてくれました。

「I will always love you」 On Sep 27th, I told him about our true love.~ 私があることを伝えたので、彼は永遠にいつも愛していくよ、という歌を歌ってくれました。

「Not taking calls from iPnone 」 He said and declared on Oct 2nd, he liked my story of moon & star blog. So he decared his love for me. お月さまの話を書いた後、電話の着信拒否をアピール。
Jus Phone

There is a story about why he showed black amex card, but I won't tell about it. It's a secret.^^

「I'll find you」 On Oct 3rd, after I noted about 27th incident, his phone issue and reposted the moon & the star photo. 27日のことに触れて、電話のことやお月様写真を再度掲載後に、ジャスは私だけを信じていることを宣言してくれました。~


I told you demons all over this day on Oct 4th. Here is the proof. while Jus was inside the church-- btw it's not really the church, it's the gethering of people who try to pray WITHOUT JESUS statue at the ' hall'-- another accident happened out side of his car. Jus, I'm the only one you can really trust and I understand your everything, You know it. I had to show it in here too, to give the world a proof that it was satan's work of what happened on Oct 4th. They try to intimidate Jus and call him names,I immediately norticed that was a consipiracy moves.The evil atmosphere media created out side of the HALL that day was as if they trying to record the scene of murdering. Satan can't manipulate me, that what it was. Setting up with ugly hooke* which he does not have any interests.It's another trap by SATAN you can't see? inside of the church. Some pastors try to controll over your life? while their colleagues molesting children. Does this make you a member of criminal inner circles, I sure think so. I'm not agaist any pastor but the core of the chrisianity is falling down started with Vatican since long long time ago.
Justin has No time WAISTING give hooker a ride NOMORE. PROTECT YOUR SOOL.(DUMN IT.)
It's the spiritual war between Good and evil!
Now everyone can see that I am RIGHT AGAIN. As always.^^~

That been said, Justin and I are together since the age of Atlantis, so Jus, hold on 'it' s 'coming to you very soon'. With 'that', everything will be alright, I PROMISS.

When it comes to us, satan is a loser to the point of  ASHAMED TO DEATH.

                    Mariko/ Marie Ishihara 石原真理子

 STOP Cloning of my energy、DNA&frequency. I know I am the only one you guys are concentrate on sucking and duplicate the energy from.  It is a serious crime and deadly disgusting.

It is a galactic crime to steal my high frequency  to cover over and exchange to your lower frequency just so you can decieve the world for your mundane greedy businesses benefits. Keep creating imitations of mine without a permission is a fraud. My christ DNA energy that you guys are so crave can not alive in unappreciative worldly hell-world, now I bust them all at once. Unauthorizedly stealing my energy sneakly,but you can not own it. You will get what you have sow, never can put any conspiracy against me anymore. You have made for so many years of non fiction stories regards to my nice character as if an attempt of character assacination, even tricking my pictures in order to match your own horrible stories. None of those does represent ME at all. Google, Yahoo Japan and You Tube are backing up this conspiracy acts. They are always copy/steal/imitate ripping off of my everything creating timely businesses unlimitedly. Whatever I write or say on TV or public, they make fortune out of my IDEA and FLAIR by stealing those. It's a deep disrespect if you don't appreciate my existence and their evil bulliness is not allowed by the Universe. They make a living just by stealing my identity. Moreover,it is nothing but a serious theft, DO NOT KEEP COMMITING THESE CRIMES.




シドニー ゴールドコースト
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  私の思想・アイディアの全てや一部および単語をなぞり真似ることでビジネス活用をするのは盗用犯罪ですので止めなさい。そして思想盗用泥棒をしている この犯行事実を隠蔽するためだけに、私の名前を無断に使用した事実無根の悪意ある記事を作成するのも止めなさい。YahooやGoogleなどでそれらの 記事を故意に羅列させて過小評価を施すのも名誉毀損の犯罪です。また、その際の掲載写真たちをも工作改竄してYahooのTOPに NegativeCampaignを表すのは止めなさい。加えて私に勝手に関連 させている人物たちのほとんどが実際には何の関係もない人物たちであり、私の名前に肖りレベルの違う人達を上に見せようと売名するのは止めなさい。イメー ジダウンを図るのは営業妨害です。また、YouTube、サクラブロガー、某掲示 板、やらせ検索、やらせ検索数、やらせ検索言葉などを用いて集団で私へのマイナスイメージを掲げるために過小評価ネガティブキャンペーンを行うのは許され ないことです。FalseRumor を繰り返 しながら陰謀工作を行うConspiracy行動はStop止めて下さ い。



もっと良い写真あるけどね、物体ないのでまた今度。^^ 勿論、私は他の方々とは違い何の修正もしないです。



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Singapore Marina Bay Sands


尚、 これはあなたがたがこれまで長年に渡り行ってきた数々の非情な物事に対する私のまともなリアクションであり、どうしてどうしてとても優しい私が遂にここに きて何十年か後になりこのように新しいエピソードを交えてその犯罪を伝えているのですから、そろそろその執拗なストーキングパクリを止めて下さい。
















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フィヨルド・北欧、Scandinaviaスカンディネービア白夜の景色。 私の藍色コバルトブルー。~
書いておきますが私の真似などは出来ないので試みないのが身の為ですよ。 それらの勘違いパクリな思いは刀となりそちらへ返り、そちらが怪我をするだけです。


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