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Our beautiful past lives. We work hard alone you know. --
They always said I'm from another space, saying too big living for this earth... I know and they were right. This is my past lives,readers say they've never seen a person like myself before.Living this kind of life on this planet! Tell me about it.~  It is my ongoing energy from past lives. There you go,
I've been saying this, 'My TIME HAS COME'.~ Finally it did.

First off, about us. I said I'm back and force in between 3D and 5D with galactic family the other day. Look what video came to me. It is very true. Interestingly,she got April in this reading and spiritual marriage. I wrote last christmas it'll be latest by April, and we got married last October. I've written so many times and this was posted only two weeks ago. It's not a fantasy in my case,it is the very real thing! We met early last Fall so it does all make sense. This reading is like a private reading.^^ My heart and soul are one, not living in two path nor separate,don't resoname that part,helloo. I thank my galaxy and this reader for this confirmation. You'll see how amazing I am.^^
Then again,it is a secret only between us.^^ Don't check on other videos than I linked on this page.It don't resonate everything.

Happy endings,it's called real happiness for Jus & Mari.

This is very who I am, thank you for clarify.^^~
This says too pretty much the same. I am the starseed and Jus showed up as starseed in this reading. This proof now. Getting my past lives right,thank you.This is very much resonates with me, and nobody has ever read my life accurate like this is.
Me in January. Confirm! My galactic showed up. Perfect.

I have written my life is from Atlantis, this reader is accurate for those videos.Cosmo gave me a message posted back in February of 2017, I watched right after I wrote 'next person I will meet is my other half.' Justin lived with me in Atlantis, just got this last month. Really, I was right.~
Aquarius Feb2017

Sorry for knowing everything,I just knew it.--
Pisces in last February before he met me,
(It is scary G showed up as a person who doesn't want Jus to be happy! G is upsidedown card as chariot.) I showed up and reader said Jus and me(Aquarius) will bring huge beautiful affect on this whole world? relates to love as we both being spiritually elite that is. We've already shown some real true love,this is fated. Perfect timing. . Jus and Mari got a same Mars sign, same Moon sign, and same Venus sign! Much more than inseparable entwined soul connection.~
Justin lived with me in Atlantis. Here is another deep sychronicity.~
Emphasis: 3:51m~Judgement/wrong soul mate/ pure energy of Jus & Mari 19:58 reincarnated  20:17、21:03  Past pain 21:21 just to be betrayed 21:35 Never seen before 22:22 We don't harm each other at all 23:14 Pisces and Aquarius/ Jus and Mari

This is ligher version,but timeless message stays forever and we are sealed.--
^^ I was brought up as starseed again, we have some kind of same energy,of cource we are for each other. I showed up twice in this and I'm a wise woman in wonderland.. Cute, thank you.~~
I'm glad we remembered our souls memories..~~ 





                    Mariko/ Marie Ishihara 石原真理子

 STOP Cloning of my energy、DNA&frequency. I know I am the only one you guys are concentrate on sucking and duplicate the energy from.  It is a serious crime and deadly disgusting. You guys have made many creations out of by just  following and coping my taste and idea. Attempt of stealing everything I have. The time has come for you people to pay me some pespect and loyalty.

It is a galactic crime to steal my high frequency  to cover over and exchange to your lower frequency just so you can decieve the world for your mundane greedy businesses benefits. Keep creating imitations of mine without a permission is a fraud. My christ DNA frequency that you guys are so crave can not alive without me in unappreciative worldly hell-world. I can bust them all at once if I decide to do. Unauthorizedly
sneakly stealing my energy,you can not own it. You will get what you have sow as serious crimes, never can put any conspiracy against me anymore. You have made for so many years of nonfiction stories regards to my nice character as if an attempt of character assacination. Tricking my pictures in order to match your horrible fake stories. None of those represent ME at all. Google, Yahoo Japan and YouTube are backing up this conspiracy acts. They are always copy/steal/imitate ripping off of my everything creating timely businesses unlimitedly. Whatever I write or say on TV or public, they make fortune out of my IDEA/FLAIR by just stealing those. Yet overwrite everything of my good traits. It's a deep disrespect without any gratitude for my existence. This evil bulliness is not allowed by the Universe. It is forbidden fot you to make a living by imitating and mimicing my identity. Moreover,it is nothing but a serious theft, DO NOT KEEP COMMITING THESE BORN IN HELL CRIMES.





They used to copy my hair style too but they can't do it no more, or for osme, they 
can never be able to do it. I did't wanna write this for this episode make them look like really disgustingly evil, but the reality is beyond insane so I needed to state it now in english too. Since they're here physically also in SNS world to willingly drain every born-with genine 'light beings' like I am, they do everything to try destroying my good nature in every way possible. They do it in sabtle way not to show their true colors in public which makes them even more evilly mean. They are now manipulate the length of my hair with the pics. So many years they have done but I do not fall into their victim category, I just have ignored their crimes. They work in a group for they are the chickens does not have a courage to live alone. They need some other criminals to cover each others crimes by their side, always. They try to hide every single traits I have, due to overly crazily jealousy they have of me. Those pictures of  so-called 
my page on Yahoo/Google are not real me, once I was told that they only present with my pics as short haired. I only did it for job in 2006 for just 3 months out of 40 YEARS OF MY CAREER of having long hair which people like. They only used the hair style they only can have , short hair, because they are jealous of my long hair. Everything they do is A DISTORTION OF MY EXISTENCE and THE TRUTH. What they are doing also is the distortion of my history. History of my long hair, they act like 4 years old mean brat. Unusual pics of me they use is a 'Manipulation'. Make conspiracy agianst me from every direction to match up other lies they create online or 2ch(the mother of 4chann) every minuite to distort my real nice character. Narcissists and psychopaths, that they are. They follow my every move which is very psychotic behavior as same as serial killer.  Presenting not real me nor sounding myself at all online is the  worldly deception, which they control people by internet dominance. Never noted who they really are, it is like they overwrite your resume to make you loose your job. I HAVE NEVER AUTHORIZED ANY OF THOSE PIC OR ARTICLES AS WE LL AS THOSE PEOPLE THEY WANT TO THINK I AM STANDING WITH which is overly lowered position than I really am. Spirits that came from the bottmless pit in them are malicously jealous of me, those people are the demon posseseed unsaved filthy spirits. They continue bedemons togetehr for many reasons 'till death tear them apart. Those many incidents they present themselves to me, I have to address that they are not a  human already that this dead spirit sleep walking zombies are the ugliest creatures, love the evilness in this world try to kill good people. 
I always have my hair long like this.

もっと良い写真あるけどね、物体ないのでまた今度。^^ 勿論、私は他の方々とは違い何の修正も無しです。

シドニー ゴールドコースト
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  私の思想・アイディアの全てや一部および単語をなぞり真似ることでビジネス活用をするのは盗用犯罪ですので止めなさい。そして思想盗用泥棒をしている この犯行事実を隠蔽するためだけに、私の名前を無断に使用した事実無根の悪意ある記事を作成するのも止めなさい。YahooやGoogleなどでそれらの 記事を故意に羅列させて過小評価を施すのも名誉毀損の犯罪です。また、その際の掲載写真たちをも工作改竄してYahooのTOPに NegativeCampaignを表すのは止めなさい。加えて私に勝手に関連 させている人物たちのほとんどが実際には何の関係もない人物たちであり、私の名前に肖りレベルの違う人達を上に見せようと売名するのは止めなさい。イメー ジダウンを図るのは営業妨害です。また、YouTube、サクラブロガー、某掲示 板、やらせ検索、やらせ検索数、やらせ検索言葉などを用いて集団で私へのマイナスイメージを掲げるために過小評価ネガティブキャンペーンを行うのは許され ないことです。FalseRumor を繰り返 しながら陰謀工作を行うConspiracy行動はStop止めて下さ い。



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Singapore Marina Bay Sands


尚、 これはあなたがたがこれまで長年に渡り行ってきた数々の非情な物事に対する私のまともなリアクションであり、どうしてどうしてとても優しい私が遂にここに きて何十年か後になりこのように新しいエピソードを交えてその犯罪を伝えているのですから、そろそろその執拗なストーキングパクリを止めて下さい。
















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フィヨルド・北欧、Scandinaviaスカンディネービア白夜の景色。 私の藍色コバルトブルー。~
書いておきますが私の真似などは出来ないので試みないのが身の為ですよ。 それらの勘違いパクリな思いは刀となりそちらへ返り、そちらが怪我をするだけです。


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