Dead woman walking.. G is already ignored, still being ignored despite of fake staged pics and papmedia made up articles/videos.

Fake_2018021416132744d.png<---- Fake hair.

Dead woman walking.

My hubby Justin is such an angry look.


Ready to ignore G, wait wait...



Look,Jus is ignoring Gomz' on purpose.


My Jus is so fed up with G who wears fake hair, even as a light friendship acquaintance.
3_20180205063857c6e.jpg  <-----  Fak
e hair.

My Jus still ignoreing Gmz.
4_20180205063900856.jpg <-----  Fake hair.

Since last Oct, my Jus never dated Gmz. 
This B is just insisted and Justin never say yes, G is a narc, plotting of G's own promotion, THAT'S IT!
G is still being ignored by my Jus, despite of fake staged pics and papmedia made up articles/videos. One moment of compassionate
human nature for everybody, Gmz uses it for selfish cause. Compassion is a garvage for G, for Gmz has no heart for real. Step on human nature like nothing, yet use it only for promotion!Omg, what a creature, G is a certified psycho, it never changes. 10000000% positively negative.

Now, dead woman passed by my husband Justin


A 2<----- As always it's not a hand writing, but a painting, I can only do this.^^:

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