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Scooter, can you not energy vampiring me. Jus, don't get affected by it. Such an emotional abusive relationship.Coming Soon.~

Scooter, can you not energy vampiring me. Jus, don't get affected by it.
This is sure an abusive relationship.

You plotted this weird Miami trip and trapped him using his loneliness caused by not be able to be with me this moment. This is os called 'Separation Voodoo'. We are fine, Justin loves enough to started to follow Scandinavian Wedding bliss. Too much jealousy of us being Twin Souls which most of humans don't have. THEY tried to take over our union to evilly project on somebody else who is a group of Illumi, H B the vril lizard.

Do not make cupid movie without appereciating me. Everybody knows there is no way for Justin being voice of cupid without me.
Justin being in so much an emotionally or both in physically abusive relationship,one after another. When who he really lovesis ME. This is indeed abusive, that he is forced to believe he deserves, because of how he upbringing. Such an abusive incluse his parents. Then social media demons like on IG pushed him being in abusive, not giving him time to think clearly. What those peeps doing is that him being encouraged to commit suicidal, denying his greatest love for me and being totally lonely without me just because those demons NEVER EVER HAVE TRUE LOVE LIKE WE HAVE.

This is the age of bullimess, this is the age of loveless planet, Justin needs to admit what he knows is the truth, everybody else is WRONG. know this earth is full of Matrix bull sh*t that nothing is ever never gonna stop us. Justin,just like you are singing Nothing is stopping us,don't slow it down. Get out of that mental improsonment, Justin. Don't give our greatest love a bad name.DO NOT GIVE UP taking all the time you get me. I'm tired of fighting with these demons all alone to protect us.
You should take me higher like you said. I take you higher, I'm from the higher place.
DO NOT LOOSE YOUR PATIENCE.You know everything what I've said is true and believe it, you just need to have a courage to show that you are on my side for real. Otherwise you are breaking a promise of your purpose to be even born to come to this planet that you will raise the vibration of this world together ONLY with me. It's accomplshed ONLY BY ME together. You promised to me and God. If you break this promise this time,you'll get severe judgement by the uiverse. The eternal death in HELL all alone, forever separation that you'll have no moe chance to make up.  Judgement is near as well s your physical death. This is the LAST WARNING.

For God is not human's servant. He won't wait for you forever, nor saving everybody either.

Coming Soon.~






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