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Academy Awards.Queen''s Bohemian Rhapsody revival was started with ME in 2014. 何故急にクイーンの映画なのか。これも私により2014年に開始された事である。後に更新。--Coming Soon.~

Academy Awards. The reason Movie Queen''s Bohemian Rhapsody started to revive was all because of ME mentioned it in 2014(around).
I said I like it, he said A'well Freddie is a,,,' , then I said 'I know I only like this song'. He was a singer of the house cover band in that country
I was living (I can't name where),then this band practiced this song, add it to their song list, had sang it on stage. They liked it so it ended up making CD of this song for a SALE. --- Seriously? SERIOUSLY.

People visit this place/country from all over the world, have listened to this song played by this band. The SONG
I MENTIONED when the whole world had forgotten about Freddie Mercury and his band Queen.
Oh yeah,because I said I like it, next moment IT BECAME A MOVIE,
titled with the song I talked about.
It's nother ripped off of MY ENERGY phenomina. aaaaaaaaaa.

Who' s paying all these gratitude for me? ... my Justin? Cause he is my Twin Ray?
The world WILL acknowledge all of my natural PURE contribution
as being a rare real Angel on this planet REAL SOON!  ~That's one thing of many I know for sure.

That's NO1 reason and No2 is I have repeatedly written that my husband Justin is his king to my Queen!  The peeps as usual, they started to use ONLY to mimic my EVERYTHING.
Now they have made a drama called 'Queen' in Japan. That's too nothing but a MIMIC of my WORDS and my BIRTH RIGHT.

---- Now, due to the mechanic problem, I'm not be able to type any more than this.
I will finish it up later.

Sad News: I can't type letter a/A.

It doesn't come out right on PC. It's either nothing appears or repeating its self, like 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa' endlessly...

Demons within the web too are really weird!
Mark my words

ーーー この期に及び突然、何故クイーンの映画が制作されたのか。この理由も驚愕ながら実は私により2014年に開始されていたのだということ。


永遠に出るかのどちらあああああああああああああああああああ (<----ほら、このように)かで、1000倍の時間がかかるなり。本当に気持ち悪いのです。


This article is posted as on Feb 11th, 2019.

-----    Written up on Feb 24 th, 2019.

See you laaaaaaaaあああああああaaaaaaaaaaaaaater.

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