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Justin Bieber and I wont let go,won't give up,we are the TrueTWIN FLAMES. Im the only MUSE in his life,thanks. He goes through changes SINCE he MET ME. ジャスは私と出逢ってから変革している。本当の結末はYouTube創作モノとは違い、ジャスはそのうちにそれを証明します。


Justin wont let go, I won't let go. We won't give up, we are already united since the beginning. We got married online in October 2017.


Real change is coming once those episodes on YT is DONE, which I dont watch just because irrelevant Hailey Baldwin is in it I heard, These will be gone in a min. 

Im the only MUSE in his life. Thats what Jus himself has said and it's the FACT. 

Thank you for saying that my voice is a music to your ear, yeah I knew it😃.and you are the only who said so^^ i love your honesty 💕💏


Indeed Justin is my real twin after all, his love is stronger than any karmic evil influences😊

We rode our time machine to turned back in time to restart all over. its a Brand New start🍀
Our eternal home is wherever we be together, we ve already won. we are forever victorious❗ 
私達の勝利です🎉 ジャスと私はタイムマシーンに乗って時間を戻し、新しいスタートを切りましたよ~

何だとかと普段は自ら売り込むくせに逆のことを言い出したりしてね。--- え~~、急に?!? 🙃

Yall will witness Justin starts being alone, having lunch alone n coffee alone. Spending only in his own beautiful room down stairs at HIS place.
Will thier real ending be documeted as well on a last episode ? I wonder... while Justin wanna show its over in secret, 
Hal Baldwin wouldnt let it, cause to hal Baldwin, its an invasion of privacy. --- Wow, after all those fake episodes in public? privacy, to YOU? SUDDENLY? 😲

There is no Season 2, why they call it Season 1, hollywood crews are so funny😂
Justin Bieber is MY HUSBAND since October 2017. Everybody knows it😊n thats the serious truth. 
There is a time lag between fiction and non fiction, Justin has been through changes SINCE HE MET ME. Noone has influenced him but ME ~

karmic Hal Baldwin/S.Gomz are irrelevant. Gomz thing is already OVER in Justins life since six years,even Goz confessed it a few months back.
Its OUR Brand New stage and never changed destiny that's what Justin and I are talking about. So WAKE UP. 

He has made incredibly beautiful music, he said Im the melody and its our symphony thats what it is. Meaning, these songs are all about me.
真実を書くよとジャスには伝えているので。もうWe wont tolerate deception and lies anymore. 騙しや嘘には耐えられないので。


He will be stucked by me, wont let me left out in the dust. Of cource either way I wont be left out anyway.
He ll give me a sunflower this Summer... 🌻😊

We never let go of OUR FATE, its from the galaxy.

Reply to his french🎈ジャスのフランス語 Je T‘ Aimeに答えてこちらはイタリア語を。
Amore 💕 アモーレ
The real best change is yet to come, expect the unexpected 🎈💕

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