like a DejaVu😊Justin posted again 'I ll Find You',one of 'our history'songs.😊 ジャスがまた同じのを載せてくれました、まさにデジャブ2017年からの曲をもう一度again💕RunningOver by Justin.

Yall must be remember this song was what Justin posted on his IG in 2017.
Well, we took a time machine n went back in time so he posted this same song from 2017 as a CONFIRMATION  that I wrote and have written things about us are All true🎉😊 

It was a few hours after my article of yesterday was up and I mentloned to him that I ll listen to 'Ill Find You' agian which is our history song💕  Guess what,then he POSTED the pic of this song on his IG! just for me~~, OMG my HUSBAND Jusjus is vevy faithful ONLY to ME 💕💝
I got him only after 24min, without notification^^  and 24,yes that's my number..~
H6n06n6 33 f5nd y64

I heard he is making partially acting documentary on YT(acting scenes,those w/Hails part) which I dont watch and I heard its almost over by now. Everything is gonna be ok, he says.
Justins new album,he made me cry... a lots of messages in it for me I really love it😊💝💕

I love them all, especially six songs I fond of includes

Running Over, yup yup our pending is over. Justin had me at ’Hello.’ 
I must tell yall we both were born on Tuesday ❗ Which I found out this year and told him about it that two peeps who were born on same day are getting along very very well which history says 💝 Its another story I may write about next time💕

With that been said, we are BAAAACK again, our future is coming all positive. Everything we went through are only step stones to get here.
Divine is with me and us, for Justin and I are the real TWIN FLAME after all😊💏 
I made an article about this song that Justin posted for me and for our BOND in 2017.I ll paste it later.  
---Have no idea why it got pink this time,I didn't do it. Why it happened and how, I want it blue tho, you know.. 





🌹🌹🌹 I told Justin privately that I loooove "Running Over" from his new album . 💕
私達の未解決や始めた途端に終わりが見えてしまってたことも全て解決し❗ジャスティンの曲の中で特に6つくらい好きなのがあるのですが、Running Over も好きだとジャスに個人的に伝えたら今それをジャスはIGストーリーで載せてくれています❗😃🎶💕🌹🌹🌹




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追記あり。Justin. They did it again but it won't work. I already defeated Satan to death, he is afraid of me. I know. P.S...


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