追加あり。Added that Justin made singing part of 3 am. Technical prob on new pc. Its 3 am. 今度はPcに入れなくなり。今は午前3時。"Foerever" "Thats What Love Is"
I wanted to up some songs then voala technical problem again with new pc. 
My password doesnt get through this time, this is what they do too. 
My being my energy this planet needs. 私の存在エネルギーは地球に必要だからです。

Its 3am. He is singing it for ME on IG. 

3am  by  Matchbox 20


MatchBox20 3am 午前3時。いまジャスが歌ってくれているやつです
🌸🌸Ive been posting articles around 3 amt my time. thats why. He posted😊 Justin  misses me and care for ME. Thanksyou Jusjus bae boo. Yall are here to witneps what the TRUE TWIN FLANE LOVE is. This is PROOF. 

🌸🌸💕💏追記--  Added : Amazing my HUSBAND Justin just made this part LONGER for ME 👍💕🎶so peeps will know its the TURTH. how did you do it, I asked Justin😊
Thats MY HUSBAND, he will get out of the HIDDEN ENEMYs TRAP very F SOON, thanksyou. 

One Gomz is gone , one more Bald to go 
一人去り あともう一匹を去らすなり。

Jusjus just posted he is protected from hidden enemy. He is fighting for me and for us. 

We went throuh this before, its NOTHING. nothing ENEMYs trap is working. 
Its our wish, we ll complete this 
これは二人の願いだから やり遂げるわけですね

In 2018.he recorded ‘remix Bad Day‘ with Poo Bear for me and postedl on YouTube secretly FOR ME right next day. yeah I remember
2年前のバレンタインデーでの翌日では、Bad Dayという曲をPoo Bearと共にオリジナルリミックスの録音をして私のためだけにYouTube上でupしてくれたわけでね。

🌹🌹🌹 Song "Forever", now he has posted the part ‘Everytime I go wrong way,tell me back around...‘  and ‘Marie is my only MUSE‘...  
今はEverytime I go wrongway...僕が間違った方向に行ったときはいつも、君に引き戻すようにと伝えて貰いたい‘  という部分と、例のYou are my MUSE 君だけが僕の女神だよという曲を載せてフォローしてます。
遂には公式チャンネルでAnti Valentines Party と書いてくれましたよ😊二年前のこともあるからですね。

I think I need MORE, I think.... 

🌸🌸Then finally he used his official YT channel to post and tell the world now he became Anti Valentines Party😊 Cause we went through this same drama two years ago. jjust like ive written here😃thanks for this confirmation🍀🌼  This time, Jusin wants  Bald to love herself. HE IS LEAVING, moving on from Bald very SOON. 
We both are an emph, so incredibly understand each other and he has learned how narcissistic have used our kindness against us. 

Justin is MOVING ON real soon yall, so he can have True Love in his life.
This is all he wants, so RESPECT...  
He is now saying he was only with many big bears.


The more he misses the more enemy tries to get him to mess his mind n tries to trick his thought process to use my good traits projected on his enemy to look like me. mimicing n copying.Try to replace with his ENEMY. 

I like this song the best, Jusjus like I told you
'Thats What Love Is (Between me and Marie)'

Thanks, Justin is dropping his ego and pride with false mask he has been wearing in public includes any interwiews up till next month.His happiness is always only with ME 💕 He was such a liar 😃🎉🎶


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