何故か反映されておらず。再送信。I repeat as Divine Feminine to my TwinFlame Justin Bieber, both Hail Baldwin and Selena Gomez are the karmics.Justin is AWARE of it, no interfere of any kind works. PERIOD. Wicked karmic tarot readers attempt of delusional spiritual warfare.


★★i posted this article yesterday with little explation in Japanese, somehow it wasnt up. i leave this as of 2/21/3020

I repeat, as Divine Feminine to Justin Bieber, twin is only ONE. Im the only who brought this awareness to my husband Justin as well as 'entertainers' such as myself and Justin. It came from within like I wrote before when I didnt even know twin souls really do exists. My life has been based on my 'intuition' which always came out as truth, so I believed it. iNSTANT when it hit me Im the TWIN SOUL. 
Im so spiritual , intuitive and sensitive, Im an empath Apuarius /Pisces, you cant underestimate my TRUE INTUITION. Justin and I are t4is combination, wewgot same Moom, Mars, Lents and Sun combination. InD we tge TWIN !

Since Justin recognized my being before I could connected the dots, he is AWARE and believes everything I ve said thats Im his one and .only twins. While most of peeq do6t, I concluded true twins are mnly 1200 couples. Only 24k beings that are real twins. Yall cant really trend twin flames for most are not. Be in a Twin Flame journey? This is that blessing thing.

This is such a strong bond, nothing can stop us. I am his whole other half, NOBODY ELSE. 

I have to remind yall again from my previous article that I mentioned the other day and last year both Haile Baldwin and Sele Gomez are the karmics.

Therefore, the more they try to prove otherwise, the more wicked delusional spiritual warfare surfaces. Anybody that are on dark force that has tried to distort this fact otherwise has been under the JUDGEMENT by the universe started last month 2020  

★★★Hailey Baldwin and  Sele Gomez are the kaimics, I rerepeat, unfortunately its written in the stars.★★★
🌹🌹Justin and I are in this reunion thats also written in the stars. Deal with it. 🌹🌹

There are many hidden karmic tarot readers that pose as divine when they are NOT. Tagged along with karmics just to bring true twins 
down. Anybody can read the cards in a sense of they can get away for they never think truth will never come out. Welj, ITS COMING OUT. 
WHATEVER is done in a dark, COMING OUT to the LIGHT. IM the natural LIGHT WORKER. 

Anybody who dont know me and Justin dersonally nor how we ve been through this journey together both times of before and after, have no right to talk about us. We discovered each other in a crowd. Those fake karmic readers have tried to bring up Gomz name suddenly into Justin & Marie twin flame journey while they know we are the twin. Readers know WEARE the TWIN. Dont know why they are in silence, cause they are envy of us? What they need is to encourage us instead of being uselessly competitive. This is why I know many of them are not twins!!

This twin flame wanna be phenomina is out of controll, it miht be possible that some of illuminati READERS fackery started to get involved.

They know IM the one for Justin as he is admitting finally in public.

There is no way for anyone would think Gomz is divine, thats so wrongful delusional percetion.
Ask Weeked pls. 

If Abel ever goes out with Hal Bald, he would discribe the same as he did of Gomz. 
Thats another story, lets move on.

★★Dont deny the truth that Gomz already left the scene, by mimicing my once departure from Justin, but in Gomz case, it never eleve has a place to come back. My husband Justin has woken up you see. ★★

Fuckery karmics are so curious about us the true twins, JUST BECAUSE they SEE IM the dlivine feminine for REAL, they wanna do something about it. Forgetting they are so invisible to our lives that they are so irelevant to our journey.😄😄

This is coming form narcissistic behavior, possessed by demons. When you use tart in wrong way, you get possessed just like a widget board.You can see those lost souls everywhere as social demons all over the internet. DENIAL spirits of another,success haters of others that is. Haterd of the truth, being envious of our connection. I must tell you whoever has tried to do fake reading of twin of MINE Justin, yall get judgement from god. 

Another brutal truth, universal power is not for everyone whoever just use Gods name, blessing is not based on how many sins you have committed or how less, its your pure soul that needed to go through hardships just so your reincarnated soul can learn and grow as a child of the univere creator.  

Any fake wolf karmics weaiing the masks of sheep will get violent judgement. 

What goes around comes around. 
Whoever tried to STEAL Justin from me after we got together are woiking ungodly.

Twin flames are not for subscribers nor view counts. If you dont know wtf  twin flame is, then DONT READ.
If you dont fit, just quit.

Dont use his name for living, this is the story of Justin and I as a twin. Others are irelevant, onlyI can fight off our karmics. 
Ive written about this journey only cause I want to keep our history genuine to be shown and talked about it later. Being twin is so precious and extraordinary. Thats I AM.This will show everything to whoever needs to hear it when their times come. Me and Justins history as yet nobody has really achieved as twin flame in entertainment world!  Its not easy !

Nonetheless, for all of this reasons dont ever watch any videos that try to make Gomz look like divine,cause its wriong.THEY ARE purposely LYING. Dont ever get caught by thier deception. Gomz, Hal, stay as karmic I know they know they are the karmics, at least for next million years till least they can RESPECT true twin connection likeJustin and Maris.  
I heard one reader is so persistantly attackikg us, being a manipulator, she is possessed by the darkness and demonically attacks our reunion.
Next day reader got SICK, now the mother is in hospital. They say she confessed yet still doing it being TOXIC.  

This is the judgement.
When you work against our bond by doing some voodoo, you ll get right back at you.
Nothing can affect our union. 

Thats been said, have a right judgement, they are an expert manipulator flipping truth up side down, be carelul who you believe.
BE WARNED yall.  Be warned✨

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