Our history of the day💖2   今日の二人の歴史。ジャスは私の元へ向かっています🚗✈ Justin is on his way coming for me,we wont explain it all tho 🚗🚅✈ "Around Me" "Loyal" I ll give all the attention" "Our love is unconditional " "I left my heart at your door" "Every Breath You Take"
Our history of the day💖

Justin is on his way to coming for me ✨ whaterever our means, its a secret☺💑
今日の二人の歴史。ジャスはすでに私へ向かっているという告白❗ 形がどうであれこれは秘密ですが、もうすぐ目にも見えるよ☀

My husband hubbyJustin ll make sure Im comfortable☺ , I made his heart melt💕🌹 Ok ~~
He never thought he could be loyal to nobody else but ME☺😍 Yes yes, he is FAITHFUL only to me. Only we know ✨✨

I have his heart😍he left it at my door in 2017, better belive it, I have his heart, mind, and soul☺💕Soon, his body is gonna get those parts to survive😄☺😍😍🌹💑 Do yall know in 3am, its says "She hinks her happiness is a mat that sits on her door way"? 
Well, he sang that part cause he left his heart at my door for me to take it. This is so sweet of Jusjus, its my Justin, its our true love.💕💑  

私はジャスの心を持ってましてね。私の家の玄関にジャスが置いていったのでね、二年前に😄 持っててね、置いておくからと。

🌹🌹🌹 Yup,Justin admitted our love is unconditional, he never thought he could be loyal (No2)😍
In his song " All Around Me" そして新曲の僕の傍にいつもいてねという歌詞も、別にヘイリにでは全くなく私への気持ちであり。


He ll make sure he is gonna give all his attention to me 💕
Yes yes thats what Justin does in everwhere or at the restaurant, doesnt matter if peeps are around. 

ジャスはこれから私に全ての意識を集中させていくよ、と伝えてくれています.。その言葉どおりに、コロラドのカフェでもヘイリという他人を横にして私のメッセージを読んでくれていました❗💕☺ (写真見ましたね?😄 後に掲載)

My Justin always has been checking on my messages all the time. It hasnt changed since almost three years ❗
~~~~Pic later. 

"Every Breath You Take " by  Police  <-------  This is Justins feelings, Ive been watching him too. Its our true looove 🌹💖🚗🚅✈

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