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He ll end Jalena Jailey all the lower vibrational drama to go higher.Show his true purpose 次のステップ本当の目的のために、でないともう次は無し。。
He ll soon end all the immature drama of Jailey, Jalena.
To go higher living in real PURPOSE that lays only with me. 
I TOOK HIM to the highei place, Hope he wont fall after I SAVED HIm.
Cant be stuck in such a lower vibiational state, this is his will to leave all his PAST that no longer serve him .
This time he really should make it right and Justin HAS TO DECLARE in a public that THIS IS ME who LED him to this stage in the last two years and eight wonths. He ll do it also by leaving from being a puppet of Jale Jail brats fighting evil hatred drama. 
He already left form Jale, next leave from Jail.

He finally ll put iit to the REST, only he wants is make a music of ME and US.
Sorry for this brutal TRUTH.

☀ Be prepare Justin ll admit this TRUTH in PUBLIC, cause I asked him to show it for the world to see yesterday. 
Then he showed his gratitude for me at the church just this morning , sang "Couldnt have made it without you". ☀ To Justin and me, singing at church doesnt always mean sings to God sorry, its a very Justin and me thing,and nothing is wrong with that.
Like I lve written before, he sings christian song to express his love FOR ME. He has done it before too. 

🌹🌹Starts towards the end of this week, his true change ll be seen, then he wont have to get another spiritual punch by me ☺💕☀😄nor severe striking moment from the universe.🌹🌹

Next, I write about the song he dedicated to me💖

★★★ 私がジャスを救済して連れてきた高い場所で誤魔化しを続けてはならず。この子供の喧嘩の中で操り人形でいてはならないし今後はこの低波長を越えて本当の目的に生きるために二度と下へ戻らないためにも、もうすぐジェイリにさえもいないということを証明していくよ。



🌹🌹 昨日この話をしたのだが、すると今日は 私がいたからここまで来れた、と歌ってくれたよ。次に別途書きますがね。🌹🌹





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