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Im still having severe difficulty with devices its bnyond crazy.
I was about to write regarding my prediction I made in 2014 that was indeed about then unheard coronavirus.
The times when I let this earth reborn with my new higher vibrational energy in Summer of 2014, , I got this vision of coronavirus that ll spread worldwide in a chronical damage to the point of some of the huge sports event is gonna be cancelled such as Olympics.
That predict I got was when nobody knew that Tokyo will be selected for the Summer Olympics of 2020, yet I knew this pandemic is going to happen and it DID.
I had written about in 2014,2017 and the exact day that Wuhan was locked down in silence on 1/23/2020. We had no idea but my antenna caught this fatal movement on time. I felt URGED to warn government be prepare for possible lock down. In a passive manner.
Now the situation got worse, nobody has been hhumble enough to listen to my WORDS that are always right on point which comes divectly from tmy universe.You cant forget that IM THE ONE who let mother earth REBORN with new energy.

My predicion was since six years. 

Having technical problem since last year was the same what happened to me as of 2014, therefore i ve known something was not working right this planet wise. Then some insident happened in January which I ve totally decided to DESTROY lower frequency that has ringering around on this planet.
Im POSITIVE my DECISION has brought this purging that GAIA needed for this whole time.

I HELPED the earth again ❗

This story continues,I ll post another this week when the air gets lighter for me.
Meantime, I want my DM Justin to be fully awaken that he can finally decide to live and walk the path of divinewith ME. Justin be empowered during this quarantine time to make his life as new, meaning he ll make huge real change very soon.Getting out of sucked situation in a lower place.
One thing for sure is that without me, he ll be lost again, cant survive anymore literary. Its not a threat but its the fact since its the his real purpose why he was ever be born in this life time. His soul knew my soul to meet as his one and only Divine Feminine.
Leaving this journey to him is equal to vanished...its the fact,  if he leaves his true purpose behind, his soul cant take his any longer. Wrong path with wrong ones? NO MORE.So I know he is coming for me to be completed as one under the judgement of the true universe
Justin ll initiate taking his own life in control, or...

Then again I ll say to ya‘ll 
i told ya‘ll so🍀
Ive been warning no kidding and i know thats what Justin wants and corona brings deep awakening to my DM Justin.
I cross my fingers boo boo🎉🌸🌻

皆さん見ていたようで 、そのようなコメントも沢山来ています❗


🌸私が好きだと伝えていたAll That Matters, , One Les Lonely Girl , That Should Be Meもそうですが Common Denominator やboyfriend, も歌ってくれました🍀
何よりも私が先日に書いていたあのBad Dayも歌ってくれたのは勿論確信の元でして^^。

Trustとトム ジョーンズを歌ってくれたよ
I wanna see us together now やっぱり僕たちは一緒にいたいな、と。
この曲を歌後のライブでジャスが何度も口ずさんだのは、私がジャスの生歌ライブ中に何度も私達の時間を無駄にしないでね~~とコメントしたからであり❗😃 今もまだジャスのインスタグラムで見るるよ。あと八時間くらいはノンストップで。^^

As ya‘ll know these are no resized pics




No no no, 無駄にするためにここまで来たわけではないからさ。
ということで、だから見えない心を信じて 心は目に見えないけど、大事なことは自分の中の深い感情に耳を澄ませてそれに従うことだよ、と。
心は嘘をつかないからね、ここで諦めるなんて子供のじみてる。人生にはまだまたわ経験出来ることがあるし僕は僕たちが一緒にいるのをみていたいよ だって僕たちはこれに耐えられるだけの強さがあるからね、と。

Wanna see us




Its all yours, just believe it💐 Bye bye to negative tragedy🎉🍀 Hello to true love💕🌸



🌸🌸これを示したことの何が大事かって、この隔離された期間中にジャスは人生を調節しなければその後に大変なことになる、という最後の警告の意味があるからでして。何故ならばこれはすでに人生を最初から捨てている蛇という存在とエネルギーを共有することが☠️如何に危険であるか☠️ということを証明することでもあるからです。🌻何とか壁を越えてこちら側に飛び込んで来れますよう。。🍀 I jump You jump..

🍀🎉🌸 私が地球を生まれ変わらせた2014年に、すでに私はこの予言を書いていましたからね。🍀🎉🌸🌻




想定内のことでしたよ❗ 👻☠️ すでに予言していたし、六年も前にね❗🌸🌸✈️✈️



それまで皆さん 健康には充分に気をつけて、

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