石原真理絵  marieIshIhara真理子 "ふわっとした瞬間”
Songs Pt1 14曲) New love songs by Justin.彼らが邪魔をけしかけても負けず。 Preventing their desire to distort our bond. TheirTube. 
--- This is the Part 1 of 2. I recommend to keep those songs both on Part1&2. Some group may try to interrupt deleting this truth,this is the history of Justin and I. Never mind anything but the truth.^^.
-- Regards to YouTube,I have been experienced many of their incredibly unfair and unprofessional treatments within, how I got encounter is how I judge,all is based on my experiences. Apparently YouTube is run by the system opposite to my belief in general yet we can still peacefully 
work together I just needed to notify that some groups withis the site are feeding off of others creation, possibly steal/destroy others beautiful crafts. By them, my fans always have been dissapointed. Everytime they upload my nice gigs/Movies/Songs/Dramas, they try to delete those when they have nothing to do with my career. They are jealousy driven, whatever they do can't be acknowledged by someone whose life is always with sanity like myself. On the other hand,good youtubers do exist in the same site,right.--

Back to our lives,WE ARE INSEPAREBLE. NOTHING CAN COME BETWEEN US. <-- Don't mimic.

1) We don't permit anybody to distort our precious real true love resulted in great love songs.
2) His music has been changed. There will be no more rooms for a groopy,a group of unstable  people,he is not singing for this since the beggining.It will be hurshly cleared from this time on. He will no longer mislead people in an old way,he avoids this unneccesary burden that creates misunderstanding or misconception about his intention regards to his motive for creating music. This is for his soul's sake.
3) Justin will sing about his love for his love and himself.if you don't desire him madly and happily in love with 'me',please leave now. His childhood is GONE, just like it happemes to everybody. Don't project your lost hope on somebody else such as Justin,he is not your toy nor slave. Nobody can controll him,the matter of his heart is you can never wishing over.
4) Justin will get new fans, it could be adult couples, it could be singles who believe their own true love, who live in reality that don't stalk nor dream of false idols. Again, there will be no room for immature group of people, especially if they are narcissists.Sorry, we must to clarify this right now.
5) He was reborn in September 2017, in the name of me. Please respect his fortune.

Video 1)Justin had a huge tattoo in October2017, right after he was reborn with me for both of us. Because of me.~ 'I streched wide and I'm a bigger, because of you~'  On 10/21/2017.
Even if people try to delete videos, this original video HE POSTED on IG will forever remain on Justin's page.


6) Don't manipulate his songs on TheirTube by changing dates,edit videos,add up pictures,or tag somebody he didn't write a song to. This is our happy songs of our story.
As I stated the other day,Justin reached to the point where he doesn't even wanna make songs anymore, because people curse his songs with his DONE PAST. Then here I come and showed up in his former emptied life. I told him he can write love songs now because he met me. Since then Justin has always with me, and he did make love songs. Appericiate me for it, since without me he can never write good songs nor any love songs,say the least.
7) I personally had a bad experience twice, which whole Japan knows about and it is about my exs. My two exs have written bunch of love songs about me,especially one of them is famous because he has written songs of me. I made him famous which most of people are jeakous of and they are always trying to hide this truth. This is an evil acts. These are not just love songs. I HAVE MADE WHOLE JAPANESE FREQUENCY HIGHERD WITH IT!
I RAISED THE WHOLE JAPANESE FREQUENCY HIGHER,JUST WITH MY PRESENCE. Whole country knows it, Yet nobody has ever made a statue of myself to gratitude for. Instead I had to be a refuge for raising vaibration higher and moved to the US. IT has never make sense. Only two occasions my exs have admit it is all about me, but they ahve just let whole stupid people allow walking all over  me. This is a very satanic act, I am not their  sucrifice. Therefore,this history NEVER should repeat itself AGAIN. Unlikely this past experience,with Justin I am safe. Justin stated it for me. So, the problem is the narc and psychopath people,I must announce this to the world that nobody will never ever can distort this truth. If you don't like it, FLEE NOW from US. Justin and I are ONE. Do not keep dreaming something unreal, Jus is not meeting you in person. NEVER. Jus is not making mere songs form now on,we don't need that dirty energy near us.We are not playing the games here.Sorry!
8) One more thing to clarify, my high frequency is in his music now, It gets bigger and bigger as times go by. Unless it's an old negative songs,it's all about me since last September. --Cleared. --

Many times I have said,that he got out of the past, There is NO PAST people involved at all in his new good love songs. -- Unless there is a song how he wanted to get rid off the past,he moved on or something negative about the past. -- He was close to impossible to get out,because there people who are bully mean cyber lost souls that constantly fictionalize his truth to unreal life he has never lived. He had always wanted to get out of his unfullfilled life but couldn't. Then with me, he finally did it. Anybody who doesn't respect his  new life with me, DO NOT LISTEN TO HIS SONGS. We are different people.
Justin's new life,it just HAPPENED with me. Justin said it's like a magic! Yeah~, I KNOW!

Video 2) Justin: I could be singing your love forever---- 'Forever'Video was out in September 2017. It's deleted, this is an old video when he was looking for me.


Uploded: 2/12/2017: I could sing of your love forever on 
09/21/2016 at concert.

Video 3) Snippet 'Feel loved'.

I feel Love 12/24/2017 部分のみですがクリスマスの新曲。


 I can't get you out of my mind,I feel loved for the first time, and I know it's true I can tell by the looking your eye,I don't know your game but it's magic/ I like you when we were dancing/
-- 君のことが頭から離れない、人生で初めて愛されていることを感じるよ、そしてこれは本当だということを君の目を見てると判るんだ。一緒にダンスしている時に僕達が感じたものも好きだった。

Just don't try to jump on his songs to promote their prosti people nomore. He has never been there for real, not in that way  that justin's songs for. It's strictly our world,sorry!
9) He has made many of my songs since last September 2017. This is his new circumstance in his life. He got out of this helly dead thread, He helped me to help him. We did it together. This is the fact, Justin has always besides me and I besides him like he says in songs.

The truth I will live in his songs forever is out there in the universe. My higher frequenecy is in Justin's songs is the fact since he is writing about me. NO kidding,
I'm here on earth to spread my higher frequency love vibration all over the galaxy through music that my guy and I sing. Pretty much opposite intention of certain groups of singers. Somebody gatta be singing of my love, and it is my hubby Justin Bieber.Thank you.

I've fought with purticular jealousy and oppression for entier life that try to make my true color not to be shown. This same thing has happened to Justin and I've fought for him. We are winning, we won already.In time,it's gonna just manifest itself.

For us, it's not just a music and his songs will continue be changing. The things around him changed, people change,he grew up in a good meaning. People either respect our DIVINE true strong bond, or LEAVE. Jus and I can go to our own YouTube world if we want or SOME OTHER NEW SYSTEM that protect us and respect OUR BOND/world.
I am a magician, I can make it.^^ So If you wanna listen to his songs please do so WITHOUT EDITTING or ANYTHING. Nobody can controll over our genuine world.
Also,don't be decieved by cyber mean soulless beings anymore. He has no interests in anybody in his past. He had mistaken as being 
liked is for being abused. It's all done past now.The past where Justin doesn't live any longer. I brought him a huge awakening^^.Up and down songs may be out but it's all happy stuff, which is totally different from the past issue.

That been said, I will post Justin' new love songs, mostly in Part 2. New Justin Bieber who got my energy in. 
Justin is not the same person anymore in great way,as long as he is with me.(Ooops)^^ --- I will show you what it is with 33-35 songs in Part 2Respect his new life,new   creations and our lives together. I'm the only one who is defending him in a deeper level, It's the matter of the soul.
I post videos with 
the pictures that has original date on it in case of being deleted. They even circulate videos and manipulate the dates. It's all about mind war.--

Video 4) 
 ’A Thousand Miles'  for Jus and me in February 20th, 2018 in that JAMAICA. 2月あのジャマイカで。

He played piano ALONE, missed me ALONE even at his dad's wedding in Jamaica in February 2018. --- Oh!fake news are in trouble now.~ He has always faithful to me, don't disrespect his true colors. この歌についての私達の歴史はすでに記述した通り。それを知るジャスだからこそこのVIDEOを残したのです。あのジャマイカで、これが本当のジャスの姿。嘘報道がなされていたことは全て嘘であるという証拠です。I've written about this song of our history.Jus knows too so he played it in Jamaica,missing me.

~ 幾千年もの距離を越えて。
Uploaded: 3/.4/2018

Video 5)

I realized why I liked this video 'Where Are You Now' of him performing at Grammy 2016. It was his predictable move about his future. 2016 Grammy,which somehow I felt me in his performance. ^^On the stage,he transformed from the past to the future,threw his past away and run to find me. He gave me the key to his heart long before this life time.

I told Yall,I HAVE THE KEY.I'm THE ONLY ONE who HOLDS THE KEY to his heart. The only real tur love of his life.Yeah~

Grammy in 2016 Predictable performance. 

Threw the past away. 過去を捨てて

Run to the future. 未来へ走り探しの旅に出たのです。一年3ヶ月で見つけましたね。あれは2017年の6月でした。He took a year and 3 months to find me. He found me to found him.~ This sounds totally our traits. --- Like Justin sings,we were looking for each other for a long long time.--


Video 6)
This was the situation Justin in BEFORE he met me. Justin needed brand new love with brand new circumstance, Somebody totally new. Brand new.

'NEW ONE,Brand New One' Originally out in one week before we connected in June2017. We found and got close in September2017.
Justin: I just caught up nowhere,there is no one/I just need new one/ I just want BRAND NEW ONE/They just wanna play with me, just got back from MiddleEast they just wanna play with me, I7m sick of those chicks/
Unexpectedly, it came with brand new back ground with me.~The truth where he was at befere he met me.

Uploaded: June 15th 2017.

We were born to finf each other. This feelings are the truth where he was at befere he met me.
I brought him back to life,he says. We should acknowledge that. yes I will.^^~

Video 7) He set his camera right infront and recorded himself singing this at the age of 12 and 13, and he posted it on YouTUbe. He did all BY HIMSELF.
Great work!
'I'll be better when I get older' Justin predicted himself with this song too. Remember。
I'll be in 2007. He is 12. 僕は(歳を追うごとに良くなる、君の大ファンになるよ)  
Song in Video2)

Oh, he can't write negative song anymore.^^ We called up each other in June 2017, he gave me a key to help him the day fefore storm started to happened in October. He has helped me to help him, Justin: and I are true team, nobody come in between us. NOBODY.
It's written in the starts since long time ago.
These, he sings about us. -- Don't edit the meaning of this song with some creature he didn't sing for.

Video 8) Look at the Stars --- So, he has sang about me, ^^The star~!^^
Look at the Stars. 6/23/2016.

Thus,we have predicted ourselves for each other at many occasions.This is OUR UNSEPARABLE BOND and music. Songs Justin makes will be all about Justin and Mari from now on,sorry, I had to write it for not evils use OUR SONGS to promote anybody else no more. With his song, I'm purifying this earth. My presence and energy is what this is for, Justin is the only one who can do this and he has already started to confirm.~ Unlike my exs, Justin appreciate my presence.~ I appreciate Justin for this.~

Video 9)
This was his predictable song,’Touch Me' just like 'where are you now'. I knew he was looking for  the same bond as I was. And he said I'm right.~ This song is the evidence. Uploaded on March 16th 2017, 9 month before our encounter.We both were looking for each other, we are the twins.--
Justin: I'm on my mission to find her,where chould she be I wonder/I need a girl who stands for me,no lie no cheat.like you/Maybe miss right,I need her tonight/ I've searched the world,still not find a special girl,she can be around be around/I need somebody who there for me who care for me,a grown/I'm tired of those little girls,I need a grown lady, grown lady.

Predictable song on: 3/16/2017 つまりお互いにいつも探していたのですね。やはり私達は双子のツインレイでした。

2/20/2018 Now he found me, he knows what the love is.~

Video 10) This is after we got close for real.^^Some lyrics emphasising the same traits in song 'Million'. He has never changed since we met. ~ 
Someone like you9/30/2017
Justin: I wanna give you a million things 'cause this is love is all about. How to make you smile again is something I wanna figure out. I wanna catch you I can fill return 'till that you are full/I wanna give you the world, world that's what you want/Take you where you belong, if I could I gave you something new/Now I have what it takes and make you feel like you are safe 'cause all I need is just someone like you/ someone like you.

Video 11)
His newest song. He thinks I have trust issues, we help each other.^^
3/9/2018  Wearing the sweater Japanese words witten.
2 1~2

Justin: You should be my lover, 'cause baby there is just no other,You are unique that's why I want you/I know in the past you suffer,I just wanna make you believe that you are safe with me/your ex men did you wrong/(I don't do one night stands)^^/You have trust issue,I can help you.(<-- ok!)/ we watch movies all day/ It's all about you/ It's all about me^^/ 
--- I told ya'll, we watch movies together.

Video 12) You and I
Too bad this accoung made up Justin's song to promote somebody that Justin didn't make a song for. They should delete another video.
This video is the real one. He left it on Valentine's day FOR ME through some spirits work on uploading this leaked song on time. As if he knew chaos would may have happened, Jus helped me to help him again.~

Justin: Make all the money missing you/I wanna take you everywhere you wanna go/Now I admit that I hate to let her go/I gatta get it stuck this money from the floor/we be in the bed I be missing touching you/Girl you are my life you give me a good feeling/Got these other dudes mad cause they hate that I'm winning/I'M WINNING/IT'S TIME FOR ME TO GO HOME/Cause I been on my grind all night I'm working/Making all this money missing you
-- More explanations I write on next.--
このお金を稼ぎながら君を恋しく思ってるよ。君が行きたいところには全て連れて行きたいんだ。遂に認めるよ、君を僕の元から去らせることなどは絶対に嫌だ。横になって君がいないのが寂しい。この男友達たちは怒っているんだよ、僕が君と一緒になるということは勝利だからね。それが大嫌いなようだ。そうさ、僕は勝利したんだよ。一晩中働いて君を思い寂しい気分だ。別の場所、君の家に帰る時が来たんだ。On YouTube,they use Justin's name for someone else. Some accounts are shared by multiple people. As a consequence of it, one song of Justin is real,but the other is not. This kind of phenomena is occuring as I write. They circulate his songs edit video with with somebody else he didn't write song for,please don't mixed it up with nobody else. Especially songs of our history 'cause it is a fraud. People should report this to YouTube if you witness this criminal act. It's a mess for his
timeline and his emotions, don't do it. 
People around it,don't be decieved by such accounts, don't rely on picking specific accounts to follow everything.

 You and I. He meant Mari and Justin.

While we were up and down,he admit it this and made a song.OK~.

We are winning. We won, he is coming home to me and we are going home together..~

Video 13)
Let me love you: 3/19/2018

Justin: I think it's time to start make moves/Me and you/let it out our secret/let me love you/
nobody on your mind, nobody on your side/so much I wanna do/.just me and you, baby let me love you.

Future 3/9/2018
Justin: I'm lucky to have her,she's got it all and I know she's been hurt,she's got some problem with her past, I let them pass/ You know how future is alright with me/I'm lucky to have her I'm saying that she's my girl, and I just want everyone to know that she is in my world. Baby this is your song, I got something to say. I'm happy to met her I'll treat no wrong for her, let me stay your future. Only time tell where we headed to,we'll
stay work this out, I know he is jealous, just tell him we moved on 'cause he did you wrong. Baby this is your song, I got something to say.
ーーー泣けてくる歌ですなあ。~ これも私への歌だよ!

Uploaded: Future 3/9/2018

With that been said,I'll show you our up & down history in Part 2 next time.
It's our memorable history, I'm very appreciative of Justin and his heartful creations for me.

~~ To be continued.~


181217.jpg ←--He now knows what love is.


                    Mariko/ Marie Ishihara 石原真理子

 STOP Cloning of my energy、DNA&frequency. I know I am the only one you guys are concentrate on sucking and duplicate the energy from.  It is a serious crime and deadly disgusting. You guys have made many creations out of by just  following and coping my taste and idea. Attempt of stealing everything I have. The time has come for you people to pay me some pespect and loyalty.

It is a galactic crime to steal my high frequency  to cover over and exchange to your lower frequency just so you can decieve the world for your mundane greedy businesses benefits. Keep creating imitations of mine without a permission is a fraud. My christ DNA frequency that you guys are so crave can not alive without me in unappreciative worldly hell-world. I can bust them all at once if I decide to do. Unauthorizedly
sneakly stealing my energy,you can not own it. You will get what you have sow as serious crimes, never can put any conspiracy against me anymore. You have made for so many years of nonfiction stories regards to my nice character as if an attempt of character assacination. Tricking my pictures in order to match your horrible fake stories. None of those represent ME at all. Google, Yahoo Japan and YouTube are backing up this conspiracy acts. They are always copy/steal/imitate ripping off of my everything creating timely businesses unlimitedly. Whatever I write or say on TV or public, they make fortune out of my IDEA/FLAIR by just stealing those. Yet overwrite everything of my good traits. It's a deep disrespect without any gratitude for my existence. This evil bulliness is not allowed by the Universe. It is forbidden fot you to make a living by imitating and mimicing my identity. Moreover,it is nothing but a serious theft, DO NOT KEEP COMMITING THESE BORN IN HELL CRIMES.





They used to copy my hair style too but they can't do it no more, or for osme, they 
can never be able to do it. I did't wanna write this for this episode make them look like really disgustingly evil, but the reality is beyond insane so I needed to state it now in english too. Since they're here physically also in SNS world to willingly drain every born-with genine 'light beings' like I am, they do everything to try destroying my good nature in every way possible. They do it in sabtle way not to show their true colors in public which makes them even more evilly mean. They are now manipulate the length of my hair with the pics. So many years they have done but I do not fall into their victim category, I just have ignored their crimes. They work in a group for they are the chickens does not have a courage to live alone. They need some other criminals to cover each others crimes by their side, always. They try to hide every single traits I have, due to overly crazily jealousy they have of me. Those pictures of  so-called 
my page on Yahoo/Google are not real me, once I was told that they only present with my pics as short haired. I only did it for job in 2006 for just 3 months out of 40 YEARS OF MY CAREER of having long hair which people like. They only used the hair style they only can have , short hair, because they are jealous of my long hair. Everything they do is A DISTORTION OF MY EXISTENCE and THE TRUTH. What they are doing also is the distortion of my history. History of my long hair, they act like 4 years old mean brat. Unusual pics of me they use is a 'Manipulation'. Make conspiracy agianst me from every direction to match up other lies they create online or 2ch(the mother of 4chann) every minuite to distort my real nice character. Narcissists and psychopaths, that they are. They follow my every move which is very psychotic behavior as same as serial killer.  Presenting not real me nor sounding myself at all online is the  worldly deception, which they control people by internet dominance. Never noted who they really are, it is like they overwrite your resume to make you loose your job. I HAVE NEVER AUTHORIZED ANY OF THOSE PIC OR ARTICLES AS WE LL AS THOSE PEOPLE THEY WANT TO THINK I AM STANDING WITH which is overly lowered position than I really am. Spirits that came from the bottmless pit in them are malicously jealous of me, those people are the demon posseseed unsaved filthy spirits. They continue bedemons togetehr for many reasons 'till death tear them apart. Those many incidents they present themselves to me, I have to address that they are not a  human already that this dead spirit sleep walking zombies are the ugliest creatures, love the evilness in this world try to kill good people. 
I always have my hair long like this.
もっと良い写真あるけどね、物体ないのでまた今度。^^ 勿論、私は他の方々とは違い何の修正も無しです。

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  私の思想・アイディアの全てや一部および単語をなぞり真似ることでビジネス活用をするのは盗用犯罪ですので止めなさい。そして思想盗用泥棒をしている この犯行事実を隠蔽するためだけに、私の名前を無断に使用した事実無根の悪意ある記事を作成するのも止めなさい。YahooやGoogleなどでそれらの 記事を故意に羅列させて過小評価を施すのも名誉毀損の犯罪です。また、その際の掲載写真たちをも工作改竄してYahooのTOPに NegativeCampaignを表すのは止めなさい。加えて私に勝手に関連 させている人物たちのほとんどが実際には何の関係もない人物たちであり、私の名前に肖りレベルの違う人達を上に見せようと売名するのは止めなさい。イメー ジダウンを図るのは営業妨害です。また、YouTube、サクラブロガー、某掲示 板、やらせ検索、やらせ検索数、やらせ検索言葉などを用いて集団で私へのマイナスイメージを掲げるために過小評価ネガティブキャンペーンを行うのは許され ないことです。FalseRumor を繰り返 しながら陰謀工作を行うConspiracy行動はStop止めて下さ い。



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Singapore Marina Bay Sands


尚、 これはあなたがたがこれまで長年に渡り行ってきた数々の非情な物事に対する私のまともなリアクションであり、どうしてどうしてとても優しい私が遂にここに きて何十年か後になりこのように新しいエピソードを交えてその犯罪を伝えているのですから、そろそろその執拗なストーキングパクリを止めて下さい。
















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フィヨルド・北欧、Scandinaviaスカンディネービア白夜の景色。 私の藍色コバルトブルー。~
書いておきますが私の真似などは出来ないので試みないのが身の為ですよ。 それらの勘違いパクリな思いは刀となりそちらへ返り、そちらが怪我をするだけです。


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