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You wouldn't believe of my life experiences,,,The Micheal Jackson would understands..This is conspiracy / the SYSTEM that controlls this world.

You wouldn't believe of my life experiences,,,The Micheal Jackson would understands this.

This is conspiracy / the SYSTEM that controls this world. If you have an unconditional love in you, they call you it's a crime,just like they did to me.

If you have a light in you that shines out of  love to give it to the world and  people,  then you are aimed to be killed,or being possibly assassination of your character, just like they attempted to me.  Although, they have failed my case for I am a survivor..

This is why they are called 'killumina*i'  these days, they don't even respect human souls at all.
They only wanna vanish the loving light for their own benefit.

These are the places/ names and the system I experienced as a spiritual conspiracy for all my life, and
those experiences eventually led me to find out about their true existence, and true 'myself'.

They as an opposite that control the world in evil base since the day one, and i name these as below .

Walt  Disney World/ Disney company ,  Orlando,  Florida State

Luxor Hotel,  Las Vegas, Nevada、 Nevada State

Seattle,  Washington         Washington state

Fraud、 Decieving Psychic、 Fake ritual abuse,  
Owl in UCLA ,  CIA、NASA, FBI、. 

Forgery,  Authority,  False accusations,  fake articles about me, and they falsely accused me of the things I have never done, constantly for the last 27 years, 

Bully media, Tabloids...and so on.. 

You would not really believe of what has happened to my life, and how I have survived,,
Micheal Jackson would be the only one who understands what I've been through, that's how I feel now, when I recall those incidents I  went through. Alone.

Funny enough,  those two times I got horrible false accusations in the US,  Micheal had a different problems with authority at the same time.
That confirmed me that Micheal is surrounded by the people like I used to be with, energy wise, and he is a victim.

Only those who had a same situation and same kind of lives as mine would understand  this conspiracy issue.

Since then, I suspected something unseen is going on with Micheal,too.
My soul always gives me a deep foresight like that , you know.

Although, I wasn't a big fan or anything but liked his music, I had worried about him , because  we have so much in common, such as being famous since teenager, wealthy, have no privacy, family collapse, Childhood, false accusations,
dealing with bully media, false articles, betrayal, the whole country is against you,,,( you feel), feel not lonely but alone at heart,,, and so on,...

I remember how harsh these people and nations were towards Micheal, for these years.

What do they know about Micheal,really??
And It's too late to regret, he is not here anymore... . it is sad thing,,

If Micheal was alive, I am sure, we could be the best friends, really.. ^:^ 
He would totally understand how I went through all my life since I became famous and icon actress,
and I completely understand that how he had suffered all those years from childhood, and especially
of those accusations ,both mentally and emotionally.

We both have gone through of all the hardships with no real help by others which is very hard to overcome, and interestingly we both had a problem twice and both times are also same time as 1995-1996, and 2003. I think it's something to do with the galactic spritual war reason,if there is one
and I believe there is.

Although the countries we were born were different, I feel we have a same rare mission, therefore
we got a same wave length to totally understand spirituality and humanity. I have lived in the U.S brought this feeling close,too.

As I think of him ,I really wanted to have a big talk with Micheal as a best friends!  If he had a little more power to survive,we definitely could have met and have a big human talks.

I will continue to tap human consciousness leading to awakening and tell the truth of this world.

Creating arts that shine with the loving light, maybe with the new songs...

I want people to figure out the truth out of those clues I experienced and informing in here.. 

Let's make the better world..

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