石原真理絵  marieIshIhara真理子 "ふわっとした瞬間”
Irritating MAD**NA
There is only one sound phrase that made me irritated ever, in my whole life, was  

from  Mad**na singing  "The father, son and the holy Ghosts (spirits)", from  American pie,

in 2000---- 

It was a cover and the original singer is Don Mclean.

--- Oh, please!!  What you know about GOD???

She sure wanted to be some kind of queen.

And yes, congratulations,  you are the queen,, (of  sl**s).   (,,,Sorry!!)

I Just wanna say that I will never ever wanna hear that song again from you.

(Although,,, I don't know you in person, of cource,)

Never ever.  Not a chance, 

That's all..  ok...

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