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Electronic Vote.  、、、Huh?

(I couldn't get into FC2 at all, 'till now. Some strange internet problem?


Shocking,, very shocking result...

And they don't even count the votes from people who were not be able to go voting,

because of Hurricane.

Was that why Sandy came in this timing??

It is awkward that Mr. Romney has not even won his popular vote.

But republican has won seats over democrats,

that is a twist.

Mr. Obama, yes we can, again?

(Who does he really thank, this time...)

So, what will it be legalized? Um,,, Gay marriage,, Marijuana,,,


but don't forget about the Obama care,,

And they all will get chipped on them without knowing having it?

I wonder that is why I live in Japan, now...

---Altgough, I have lived in the island since this february...

( I don't wanna write too much at this moment, though)

America,, the country I loved the most.

I still remember and like,,, how it used to be...

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