石原真理絵  marieIshIhara真理子 "ふわっとした瞬間”
Keep better relationship between America and Japan, I hope...

We should having peaceful and humble,cooporative future relation between us.

We gatta keep standing on the same ground as we thought we have,

and make it better.  

’He' and three others can't  pretend that they have not done any to us, and flip a side

suddenly, because something very convienient occured for them.

Or,, made it happen on purpose.

WW2 had ended 60 years ago, and you can't live in the past with
vengeance, jealously.

You won it,  once

 Are you going to start another one since No2 seems not really over yet?

--- Not over,,, only to you, that is.. 

Therefore, I am close to be ready to tell the whole world,

what the genuine Japanese gene is. 

Japan has been divided in two, within our own country already.

And that's 80% of population against real people of 20%.

Media uses 80% of people, who live in Japan illegally or legally,
to trick us and the world.

I can no longer take how the world works from decades ago.   

It is time to REVEAL, and the whole world should be revealed as it is..

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