石原真理絵  marieIshIhara真理子 "ふわっとした瞬間”
Tabloids、every single article about me, was FALSE, since 1987!!
Every single article about my information is totally false.

Even when I lived in ths U.S, they made up fake stories about me to just SALE tabloids!

It has been this way since 1987.

This is a part of reason that I left the country I was once born..

You can't believe how they choose my pics(the one second moment) and  trick my face / photos,

just so it match to the stories they have faked about my exsistence. 

And of-cource, those articles/ photos don't  represent my true nature, at all,

They are all liar.

There was a book that published about 6 years ago,

and that was really a tricky trap.

It was a horrible experiences.

I DID NOT WRITE IT at all, even though they said I wrote, that is not true.

The fact is that I did not even authorize it!

They always have used my name for their own benefit. Only for their benefit.

All the time!

I got to declare now! and make a quick note that lasts forever in here that

contrary to their effort to intriguing manipulative pretending--true story work, the fact is never included in there,

and always making me very difficult to stand up for myself and sueing those, if I ever wanted.

Because they work AS A GROUP. 

They write a same liying stories at the same time,repeating and repeating to make people start to believe?

Just because it'S being said?

Please don't you believe whatever they write about me, unless it comes with my own word,

which never happens with the tabloids.

I  fed up with thier malicious lies after all those years I have been through, and I am very very tolerant!

It should be honest truthful journalists somewhere in this industry.

Women should be more respected in this 'third world issue' space country and that is the core of this problem!. 

I need a good lawyer who is steadfast and quick to the truth, and really respects for protecting human rights! 

And I guess I am the only & really one who has been a victimized of those paparazzi and tabroids in Japan.

I have never related to Yakuza, either.

So, you know, you figure it out the rest...

I have been too neive and too nice to sue criminals, when they deserve to be punished for what they have done to me.

This world  is not safe, anymore, I realized... 

I will never let them get my humanitalian loving nature, never again..

Noone will never ever can take advantage of me, anymore!!  Never~~~, NEVER~~~! 

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