I had always thought ti'll the fall of 1998, if I die young, it'll be by car accident.
I even told Paul that

'if I die young, It'll be by car accident.'

he liked fast cars, and listend to me very calmly. 

Somehow I passed that awkward feelling in the Fall of 1998, but until then  I always had since my childhood.

Strangely, another funny feelings started to occur, instead.

The feeling is this,

'There is another myself, who ia already in heaven and she is living up there with me at the same time.'

This is creepy, but soon later, I learned about  the word 'higherself'.  

But I don't think that's the case, 'cause I felt more REAL. It's not just the ' Spiritual thing' kinda.

Moreover, I heard real angels voice 2 years before that by right side of my head,
she told me 'Do'n't go!'  to this parking lot,

but I went to, and had a huge problem in 1996.  Angel tried to prevent me from entering this danger zone.

Then I had this beautiful dream, in 2003, about 200 baby angels flying around,

they declared with the trumpets saying that they are always protecting me.

Soon after 1999, I lost the feeling of ' Another me' as days go by, and years past on.

It came back all the sudden just last week.

When I look back those thoughts and mysterious inexplainable movement and  that

I mentioned about car accident years before he stared in the car race movies ,and now

I am facing a grief of what happened to Paul a few days ago,

I finally got together of those small pieses into one, completely

He became really famous after those series of car race movie 'Fast and Furious'.

Was it just a coinsidence??  I don't think so.

When I first heard about his crash, and they never released the accurate cause of fatal accident sooner,

and seemed very backing off attitude of investigation,  I became suspicious.

I really didn't want that to happen to Paul.

I wish I could warn Paul  more seriously about THEM.

I didn't write about it sooner,  because there is a timelag between my life speed and ordinary life speed,

but I shouldn't wait much longer, either, so there, I tell ya. 

'THEY' tend to use 'mechanic' and the energy of 'numerology'

My precious babe handsome man died on November 30th, 2013.

11  + 30 + 20 + 13=

2   +   3   +  2  +  4 =

       1    1

 E l e v e n.   It's eleven.

Eleven is the number that's representing most evil energy, er, the DEVIL.

11 is the number of the Anti-Christ, body!

What a coincidence, I just explained last month to Japanese people, even though they don't care,  that

11 is an evil number, such as November 11th,

Mr. Beatles, Paul MacCartney started his your in Japan, on Novemer 11th, after 11 years of absent, you know.

This is what I hate about them, absorutely bully and challenging innocent ones after another..

We should stop them from sacrificing inoccent  child of God.

Paul was starring many movies in this timing, and none of those are coming out, yet. 


The judgement is coming soon.

Paul Waker is going to live in my heart ,  forever.

F O R E V E R....

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