I had a dream, 2 nights before the accident.

He walked in... to my dream, the night before that accident.

I wondered who it was, and I now know that was paul.

He had a blue eyes and blond hair, which is far from Japanese  look...  

So I thought it was my old friend.

Then he said  'It's been 15 years'...

I woke up wondering, and it was on Friday morning, Japan time  ...

Then! it just hit me today, that it's been sure 15 years since I left California,
in the Fall of 1998. 

Yes, it  was the Paul, he showed up in my dream.

I could only see his waist up, and he looked very small, so I didn't notice. He is a huge guy, you know.

--  Was he sitting in a car?  Was that why I couldn't see his bottom down?...

Thank you for showing up in my dream...

I got it now, Paul!   

And I know you have all your beautiful body with you in all the right places healthy, by now. 

Right, Good, you handsome babe.

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