I almost got killed at the age of 23. I am forever- 24. So is sweety Paul...

I used  to be very interested in speeding 'till I was 23.

And I almost got killed on freeway in Japan, that was in 1987.

I had BMW but was driving HONDA that day, which was my ex bofriends

The brakes of BMW is really tight, but wasn't with HONDA.

There are only two lanes on freeway ( By the way it's not free, It cost some money,though. ^:^ ) in Tokyo.

I was too late to notice breaks was not properly working, and  I couldn't make it.

The car spinned really really hard., I said ' Sorry~~' to my BF but I didn't realize what's coming next..

Spinned really fast at least 5 times, and I thought that was it, that my life is ending.. 

I thought It's better if I let it be spinning...

I had to be ready to go , so I took my hands off the wheel, closed my eyes, thinking where I would be..

At the same time, I was screa ~~ming so har~~d out of fear,,.
I have never ever screamed in any other occations, if you know what I mean. 

Then I felt this really really soft cotton-like touch, wrapping all of my body.

And a few seconds later,

the car stopped in the middle of the small highway.

Miraculously, the car didn't hit anywhere, it was totally  fine, just right front tire got flat, and that was it! 

I apologized to my ex, and he switched driving to move the car aside, calling some help. 

I am famous, he was starring in my movie together, so we avoided police involvement,

his friends fixed the car.

It was amazing how we survived from it unharmed, if there were some oher cars behind us that night,

which usually a lots of car running,
then it would have been a huge crash.

I said   「Now, Can we still go to the mountain??」

---  .. I just wanted to celebrate.

My ex  got emotional,  he proposed me right after,  saying 「It's a fate!!」 

I thought back and concluded that it was the wings of the angels that wrapped me so softly and it was the God's will.

I may have died once that night, 'cause I have always said, without thinking, that I am forever- 24.

I totally lost my interest in speeding, ever since.

So, people, If you are handsome, ^:^   you need to get out of speeding issue before 30...

Paul should not had returned back shooting car-race movie, after Fast and Furious MAX and so on....

--- You are forever-24, too, Sweety babe.  ^:^

The time I was with you is forever out there...   The 24 and 25...


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