He is down to earth, not a playboy kind. He was not into 'Hollywood' stuff. So was I. 彼は’ハリウッド’に興味はありませんでした。私も、なのです。

He was not into 'Hollywood' stuff, had many other interests in his life、

He didn't mind about 'fame'

Acting was just 'happened' 'cause his mother was in industry..

and I absolutely understood it, because I was not into 'it', either. Just like shooting and 'acting'...

He was down to earth, that he is not a playboy kind, at all.

That was the thing I loved him about the most,

He was not fake、He is 「REA」L, He is a sincere person... ^:^





それが一番私が大好きな部分でもありましたが。 ^:^

彼は偽物じゃなくて「本物」。 誠実な人なんです。 ^:^

やっぱり硬派な人が良い。~ ~ ^:^

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