I like his show-up scenes in The Fast and The Furious! ワイルドスピード1の彼の登場シーンが大好きです。^:^

The Fast and The Furious の彼の登場シーンが大好きです!


最初から17分くらいが最高ですね。 ^:^


勿論この映画全体と「 Meet The Deedles」 や「Noel」、 そして新しい映画も含めてですが。


もうすぐ年末になるし、ポールと一緒にただ休みますよ。。。 ^:^

I like the first show-up scene in The First and The Furious, car driving~ and at the local burger shop.

He is cute, my sweety, ^:^ these scene are like he is representing his existence to the Hollywood, and the world, you know.

This first 20min,,,  I would rewind this part over and over ..

As well as the whole , and the 'Meet The Deedles', and 'Noel', of-course...

Noel,, Thank God this is the christmas time that I reunited ^^  with Paul.

This year ends soon,,,  so, I can just take some rest staying with Paul...  ^::^


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