We had same kind of energy, and that's why Paul and I had a deep connection. 彼と私の間は深い絆で、同じエネルギーを持っていました。

---  たったの一週間でポールの話が終わる訳ないですね、。。


Paul And I Had the Same Kind Of Energy.

That was why we felt so close and deep for eachother.

As if, our souls are made for one.

I was in a community college, because I like to travel, and  this makes possible for me to move anywhere

in the U.S , and yet able to  havie my degrees.

Paul was amazed by my reason, because Paul thought the same thing!! ^:^

Coincidentally, we were doing the same stuff,  even before we found each other.

Visited Palm Springs was so much fun,

I wonder if I go back, Paul would show himself  up  there for me..
Beause that was our memorable place?  ^:^

Well, he was the one who took me there, so I don't much recall where it was...

OK, I look for that next time, when I go back to Palms. ^:^


私はアメリカ中を転々としたかったのでCommunity Collegeを選んだのですが,彼もCommunity だった。


そして出逢う前から同じような時期に同じ理由でカレッジに行っていました。。 ^:^ 



だってそこは思い出の土地だからね、、。。?  ^:^

でも連れて行かれたので場所は良く覚えていない。。 今度行ったら探して見よう~~。 ^:^

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