Paul has been talking to me. He is free now.I may will say the things which Paul wanted to say.. this sounds funny. But I gatta do this. .

Paul and I have been talking a lot..., I see him and feel his heart .

He is free, now. That's a good thing.

I gatta do something about this.

I need to help and protect Paul.

Now, don't  just think he is already gone form this planet.

NO, he is here, giving me some informations I gatta gather up, his and mine, and give out to the world.

It will take some time, but I gatta do this. Really.

So, I may will say the things what he wanted to say to the world, from now on.

It sounds funny,,, I know.  But I just said it , anyway.

Paul and I were born together for this way..

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