I didn't like what Vi* did at Pauls site. ポールは知らぬ間にあるグループ社会に巻き込まれ、そこから脱出しようとしていました。
普段なら人様の事も自分の事も検索などはしないしネットのニュースを 気にすることもないのですが、ポールの事故直後だけは気になりました。

I don't usually got into internet news, but about Pauls rihhtafter the accident.

I didn't like what Vi*did at Pauls scene.

While Mr. Tyrese humbly cried and left some flowers calmly. 

That was not nice he called Paul 'Brian', and he acted as if he is in control of Pauls ending.

Looking at those members who tweeted right after Pauls accident, it convinced me that my 'opinion' from the beggining. is right.

They all may be in a one group society after all, except Paul who was unintentionally involved once and had tried gotten out of it.

He didn't show it, even to his parents. 

But trust me on this one, too, that he tried to be out of it so hard,  

and he tried it so hardly. Hardly. Hardly.

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