Paul was not Paul, after the year of 2002-2003
Paul was not really the 'Paul' after the year of 2002.  

lt's hard to explain...  He couldn't live in the way he wanted.    

Now they are trying to replace his real face and images with somebody who looks like Paul,but not really Paul.

People just interested in their money, never really care about the world and imortal souls.

They never want ya all to realize the truth, Jesus, the world , and repitellians and Satan.

Even within the family, jealousy is going on, it's sad human nature, but is coming from the Devil.

God's people don't jealous.  We know that's the uglliest thought in the world.   

Thank God, I don't have them.  Besides, the jealousy that Paul showed in 'Noel', and that's him when he was with me, 

and ONLY THATmakes jealousy cute. ^:^

He is forever 24, so don't replace him with his picture beard on, or really short hair.

They must have worked evil with his hair.

I can still  hardly watch those movies after the year of 2003  

Those are not him.  I can see his soul tired. 

Now his body is released, even though I can't attend his funeral, of cource not in this situations, 

his soul is already here, sorry, he needed to come, ^:^   and he knows what we meant, what we had, what we made

and what we will make together from now on, so, 

Paul is now protected. No more suffering empty soul. ^:^

That's very good. ^:^

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