Paul had tried, and challenged. We should have gotten married in1998. We were devoted each other.^:^ He said I'm natural and most beautiful girl in the world, and he is the most handsome guy in the world.
Paul had challenged and tried to show and search for the good things in life, yet was involved with enemy at the same time.

He had no intention to get involved, and never had admitted their existence.  

Then he had a chance to become a 'father' that make them easy to work  on him. 

Universal announced that he was with the company for 14 years.

That's from 1999, the very next year we were apart, and it makes sense, that was 'their timing'.

We should have gotten married in the year of 1998.

We could have protected each other,  in every way.

Live happily ever after...

Like the other actor who chose to stay away from Hollywood gradually, and have serene life in 80's.   Remember that actor in 80's?

They aimed him'cause he was handsome, I don't write his name, 'cause I'm faithful to Paul. ^:^

Well, Paul is 100 times more handsome than him, though..   Sorry to say this..

They trapped him and making him look like a scandalous person, while there are so many other actors out there

who are scandalous, for real.

This roches repitillians, that are ugly in and out, goup love to distract 'Beautiful person in and out' and eat it.

That's very disgusting!

Paul told me that I am natural and most beautiful girl in the world ^:^   I told him he is the most handsome guy in the world.^:^  Well, both of our statements are true ^:^ ^:^

We did complement each other all the time, and were devoted which we both loved.

Remember in your 20's?  

------- Paul and I are forever 24,  like this. ^:^

His words that he left me are the treasure of my life.  That get me going and make my life.

We haven't had our ending story, yet.    

Maybe we can get marry in heaven in front of Jesus  ^:^     

We were meant for each other, deeply..

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